1. graargragagagrar

    Tren + Sust, 8 weeks: same day or alternate day pins?

    I am about to begin 8 weeks on Tren acetate, 150 x week spread over 3 pins every other day - and Sust, 500mg x week also spread over 3 pins. Would you advice to pin both compounds on the same day, or rather alternate? Thanks
  2. J

    Cycle going good but noticing some Gyno, help?

    So its my third cycle, its been a few years since I last cycled and everything went well but this cycle I'm doing 500mg week of Sust, 500mg week of Deca and 50mg of Anadrol for the first 4 weeks. I'm in my 3rd week and I'm noticing a little puffiness in my chest nipples area but nothing painful...
  3. J

    2nd week smaller Cycle results so far

    So I'm only at the end of my second week of my 2nd cycle ever. I'm 40yo, 6'3 245lbs prob around 9-10%BF and I feel great. I'm running 1000mg/week Sust 250, 1000mg/week Deca, 100mg daily of Anadrol for first 4 weeks. Have Arimedex and Nolvadex on board for last cpl weeks of cycle unless needed...
  4. T

    Sustanon melting point

    Hi, I am about to brew some pre mixed sust. To what temp you bring solvents+powder when cooking? This thing is confusing me as sust esters melting points vary from 50C to 120C.
  5. K

    Big game day tomorrow

    I have a super super important hockey game tomorrow that I need to preform my absolute best at. I don't really want to start a cycle anytime soon but I want an edge for tomorrow's game. Any suggestions that I could do/ take to help me out? I have access to a sust / dbol/winny (/nolva/clomid)...
  6. Beast_Mode

    Cycle Advice - Sust/ Tren A/T-Bol

    What's up my fellow gymrats? I am putting together my next cycle, which is in itself is very exciting. Wanted to get some veteran opinions on a few things. Current Stats, 25 years old, 6'1, ~235lbs ( fluctuates daily) , 12 % BF (3 point caliper test) Cycle History: One long, fucked up...
  7. K

    I need to stop my steroid cycle temporarily

    Hey guys , I'm 3 weeks and I need to stop my cycle early just temporarily. What should I do ? I have PCT and all that so should I only take some then resume my cycle where I left off ? I'm running 6 weeks if d Bol and sust and the last 6 weeks if winny and sust with armidex EOD
  8. K

    Loose fat on a bulking cycle

    Ive just started with a cycle of sust for 12 weeks d Bol for 6 weeks then winstrol for 6 weeks with armidex and pct. I'm just wondering if it's possible to loose fat when on the d Bol. The winstrol portion I know will be a little easier if anything to loose fat. Thanks
  9. K

    Stamina and roids

    I'm about to start a cycle with d Bol the first 6 weeks and winstrol the next 6 weeks and running sust and Arimadex the full 12 pct is nolva and clomid with HCG. I'm just wondering if this cycle will increase my stamina or make it worse I'm super active and I'm hoping it would increase my...
  10. K

    Winstrol or d Bol first

    Ok I have PCT and all that figured out along with nolva,clomid etc my question is: I'm about to run sust(12 weeks) with d Bol(6 weeks) and winstrol(6 weeks) I just don't know if I should run the d Bol in the first 6 weeks then winstrol or winstrol then d Bol. Preferably I would want to take...
  11. F

    What do you think about this cycle? First cycle!

    This is my first cycle. I have done an extensive amount of research and the last step for me is to post it and see what you guys think. Please advise on any changes or additions you might think will benefit me and my goals. GOAL - Objective of this cycle is to get leaned out with great muscle...
  12. JFuerte

    Primo & Sust

    :thinking: Is it a good idea of running a Primo and Sust cycle? i am Debating weather i should do this ( of course with other AAS ) Reason for my contemplation is that primo is a Test and so is Sust but primo serves as an estrogen blocker and one usually retains the muscle put on from it. I am...