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  1. B

    An honest answer from the boys (pic attached)

    I am 5'10", natural blonde (like obnoxiously bright blonde), I have a DD cup (just got done with surgery, I was a B), an 8 pack, and an ass that squats EVERY FUCKING DAY. 11% body fat. World wide champion in multiple forms of martial arts. My "bf" hasn't slept with me in months. FUCKING MONTHS...
  2. Sfw

    Soiled panties: A gift of love?

    If a woman gives you her soiled panties, how does she feel about you?
  3. Sfw

    The Beautiful Ladies of POF

    Just thought id share some of the finest pieces of ass in my area http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=89494734 http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=89912889 http://www.pof.com/viewprofile.aspx?profile_id=41436819...