1. Swoleee

    Paragon apothecary, anyone hear of them? Looking for info

    Anyone ever herd of this company. Label looks mid grade
  2. YourMuscleShop


    UNBEATABLE QUALITY MUSCLE BUILDING PRODUCTS We offer all kinds of muscle building/ bodybuilding products at affordable prices. Get your order at your doorstep without any hustle. No minimum order value 24*7 Email support for customers One time order re shipment guaranteed in case of any...
  3. T

    New to ASF

    What’s going on everybody! I’ve been bouncing around forums for years reading threads gaining knowledge and finding answers to my questions. Meso, evo, anabolex, eroids, ug, and asf all good info and reads even some legit sources but I finally decided to make a profile and get active on here...
  4. B

    Gorilla Pharma Quality

    I have just received my order from The Gorilla Pharm and the first thing I noticed was how runny it is. It has a viscosity close to water. Anyone else have this issue or concern about their gear? test cypionate 200mg/ml
  5. PhyziqPhreak

    Help needed. Looking for testing services!

    I've looked through the forum but didn't see another thread that addressed testing gear itself. I'm looking for a way to test quality of gear without having to test blood hormone levels. Does anyone know if its possible to get raw products tested or get the final home brewed product tested??
  6. G


    Hey guys...so I'll let you all in on a gem, a diamond in the rough: www.rupharma.com. They have a nice little selection of anabolics but not a huge one. Can vouch for the potency of the products...at least Nandro and their Sustanon 300. Prices are great: 10ml vial Sust 300 runs $50. Great...
  7. H

    QUALITY Powder Source ONLY!

    Looking for the top of the line in quality. Cost is not an issue. A+ quality powder source only please. Ive Been brewing for years now and my recent suppliers quality has gone downhill. China doesn't seem to be the country of origin for my products. Unfortunately, people are scarce with info, so...