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Your best cycle youvs dons

IML Gear Cream!
I guarantee you die before me bro, my diets on point, ain't no chicken and rice diet
It’s possible since I’m 14yrs older than you but so far the odds is that you won’t out live any of us here if you continue what you’re doing.

Everything you do and say have no value until you show us bloods that shows that your method works.
I dont even need to show you bloods Google all the herbs and anti oxidants I named and look up the facts for yourself, I've been experimenting with steroids since I was 18, I know when something is wrong with my body I'm completely in sync with my body, my nutrition, my roid use and my herbal supplementation. If something was truly wrong with my liver I would start to show signs of jaundice in my eyes, lethargy, and loss of appetite, I'm fucking fine, not dead, not in pain? I do everything for my health to combat the side effects of the steroids i use I don't need to prove to you it's working. went to school to study science to understand this I know what I'm doing is working.
Oddly it’s the mild one that are my best:

Test 250mg
Mast 600mg
Deca 350mg
Var pre workout sublingual
GH 2.5 units

Feel great, smooth joints, slow and steady gains with little to no bloat. Off season at its best.
Test c 300 week
Deca 250 (npp wouldve been better i think)
Primo 500
Var 50 day for 4 weeks
I dont like primo its makes me an asshole but slow and solid gains and its expensive