Why half lives are so important


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Aug 19, 2014
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The understanding of steroid half lives is very important because it allows a user to understand the amount (ball park range) of a compound that is still active in their system after taken orally, by injection (whether it be IM or SubQ) It is especially important if you really progress and want to do shows eventually or any competitive sport that tests, but that is going way more in depth than I will be today.

An understanding of half lives will also help an individual decide which ester(s) is best for them with their individual experience, any time frames that may be needed or wanted, goals, and other variables that may come into play.

Understanding half lives will help an individual know how long it should take to feel "on" any particular AAS. There are some very big differences between esters. Test Prop may only take 10-14 days to be feeling completely "on", while Test U (TRT) may take 4-6 to feel "on".

Understanding half lives will also help an individual assess the appropriate times between dosing. Without an understanding of how often to dose your AAS, you may take entirely too much or even not often enough to get much out of the compound.

These are some of the very rudimentary understandings that come with half lives. For more information about half lives (AAS, peptides, SARMS, gH), head over to the Uncle Z subform and check out the stickie section. There is a ton of free, great information in the Uncle Z forum. If you have a question that you just can't seem to find the answer to, please PM me, Push50, or XOTG85. We are all here to help you make safe, educated decisions that are tailored to your individual goals and experience. We all know just how scary it can be taking the dive.