Why Am I So Tired?


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May 13, 2016
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Get Shredded!
People see my social media posts each day and get confused. Kids' soccer games and practices (three kids and two in travel!), 10 or so businesses, daily workouts, training my kids, coaching clients, traveling 200-300 days per year.

My life is nuts!

People often ask me, "Why aren't you tired?"

The number one thing I do to fend off fatigue is to evaluate everything I do and correlate it to my energy. Then, after I identify habits and practices, I look up the science behind why something might contribute positively to my energy levels.

I have so much energy. Not only that, but my energy levels seem to be getting even more plentiful as I age and learn my body more. I'm almost 37 years old now, and feeling better than I did as a teen.

So, what are my secrets? Here are four four areas I want you to consider.
  1. Health through diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Hormones
  4. Recovery
We won't point to excuses for the question, "Why am I so tired?" We will explain EXACTLY what you need to implement in your life to have more energy than a 20-year old male porn star on Viagra and pre-workout. Continue reading. Trust me, the keys to unlocking unforeseen productivity and performance are merely a few paragraphs away!

Reduce Fatigue, Improve Energy​

1) Health and Exercise Through Diet​

People scoff at this, believe it or not, But health is wealth? And micronutrients are very beneficial.

Also, eating in a programmed manner to avoid huge spikes and drops in insulin will keep your energy even-keeled throughout the day.

The flexible dieting movement is absolutely awesome in that it showed people that you can live life, have a sweet treat every now and then, and still see progress as long as your macronutrients needs (required protein, carbs and fats) are met. For information on what macronutrients you need, find your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) and then find the macros you will need to eat with these two links:
The problem is, the pendulum swung too damn far. I see people literally filling their macros with empty calories! Sure, have that occasional treat, but let's focus on more than weight and pay attention to overall health. After you figure out your TDEE and macros split, check out these energy and health boosting concepts.

Meal Timing

This is as individual as underwear preference. Boxers or briefs? Or nothing? It depends on how you like your balls cradled, if at all, right?

Some people do better on one meal, some better on three. And some on six or more. I do well with four to seven.

My business partner Mike Rashid does one. We both are sexy, muscular and Alpha as F***.

The morale of the story is as long as your daily macros are met, when you eat them is a minor issue. Just go by how you feel, experiment, and see which meal frequency plan works best for your body, your energy and your results! The body is not a textbook!

Fruits and Veggies

Eat these! Full of micronutrients. Satiating. Epic.

I am not a vegan, and I do not believe meat is evil. I believe most, if not all, of the benefits of the vegan diet is from the total intake of veggies and not necessarily the exclusion of meat.

If keto, no worries! Low carb veggies like broccoli and Brussels sprouts can keep you humming along with plenty of health benefits. And if this isn't your bag, I will suggest a greens powder later on in this section.

Grains Are Good, Veggies Are Better

If choosing between a potato and a slice of bread, unless you really crave avocado toast, opt for the potato. The micronutrients are through the roof and things like potassium are naturally occurring and at a robust level.

Monounsaturated Fat Is Where It's At

Avocado, nuts, macadamia nut oil. Linked to longer life, better health and better blood profiles. You cannot go wrong with these but remember, they are very calorically dense. Eat in moderation.

Fish Oil


Opt for wild-caught fish and non-commercial meats. There is a tremendous difference in the fatty acid composition of both beef and fish depending on how they are raised.

2) Exercise​

Being sedentary is horrible and has a terrible effect on? Everything. Blood flow, health markers, increased risk of obesity. it's the plague of modern society

Over 90% of the studies done on training and fatigue showed exercise dramatically improves energy, even among the chronically ill. [1]

What is the best form of exercise?

They all have their benefits, but the key if to find one you like and to do it multiple times a week. Also, change your lifestyle. Park far away from the grocery store entrance.

Just be active!

In a perfect world, one would include some weight training, cardio and movement (flexibility, agility) training for an all-encompassing health program.

3) Hormones​

Get your hormone levels checked. Some issues can be minimized with proper diet and by being at a healthy weight.

Exercise will also help regulate hormones. But if deficient, see a doctor. They might recommend thyroid and/or testosterone therapy if deficient. Supplements like MTS Nutrition Insurgent and Barracuda can help but if you truly have an issue, it will require medical intervention.

Get your blood work checked once every year.

Why you need a "regen" day each week.

4) Recovery​

While some people don't train at all, some train too hard.

Schedule one to two days a week to rest, or do "regen". Regen is basically a day to enhance recovery by foam rolling, massage, light cardio, and other recovery techniques. See my explanation of regen above.

Allowing proper recovery is just as important to energy as anything... But you need to exercise to need recovery!

Plus, don't forget sleep. Get 7-9 hours per night to ensure your body is able to repair and recharge.


Feb 23, 2023
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I was so tired before I started trt.. completely 180 now.. so much energy and overall just feel better


Jan 31, 2023
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Great post! Your articles always seem to read my mind as I've been dragging ass a bit this morning. Haha. Thanks for the info!


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Dec 29, 2013
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As an older member..
And with a few health issues..
I pace myself..don't skip meals, stay Hydrated.
I find Hydration very important, even in the winter..

The body changes as we age..have to change with them..
Just the Laws of Time..

Another great article from DS..


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Jun 19, 2022
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Great read..
Wes hit it ...kids for sure ..and me still performing at anything and everything like I'm 20yrs younger..fatigue has a way of catching up..


Sep 15, 2022
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Interesting - there is a lot of evidence that fruit and vegetables don't have an impact on how tired you are.
Actually too much fiber can have a problem of absorbing vitamins.

Sometime we just feel tired - you can't run on 100% all the time.

Taking break from diet and training is healthy.
Coming back slowly with persistent is also important.

Alcohol, process food and sugar will have an impact on your system and will contribute to fatigue.

Also is that a physical or mental tiredness? Make sure you understand and know the difference.