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When to start gh also open to other suggestions


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May 10, 2018
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Get Shredded!
Started cycle 16 weeks camping up dosage as I go starting 250mg/week test cyp 200mg/dhb 50mg tbol a day weeks 1-4 up the test to 375mg/week dhb to 250mg/week weeks 4-8 start hcg 250iu 2x a week at week 6 with 75iu hmg 1x per week up test to 500mg week 8-12 dhb to 300mg/week weeks 12-16 up test to 750mg/week sub to 400mg/week anavar 50 to 100mg a day stop hcg hmg weeks 12 -14 restart week 15 and continue through 16 b4 blast then pct I have 192 iu hgh was planning on using it on workout my mon Tues Thurs Friday at 5 to 10 iu split 5 times a day with 1-2 iu humalin r per shot have mk677 for days off hgh or metformin to desensitize to insulin I figure I shouldn't start hgh until at least week 4 as aas will be fully in effect by then but am open to suggestions stats are 6ft 2.5 in tall 28 years old 235lbs 18% bf took a year off gotta a little fat looking to recomp with this cycle calories low in beginning upping during the middle and lowering back toward the end pct will be nolva clomid aromasin after hcg hmg blast and probabbly some igf 1 lr3 also have mgf of hand