What would you do in my situation?

I did at one time take anti depressants but that was when i was 16–17 and it was that or a physcward, but i have since been off because it made me feel okay, but i was a zombie and was intolerable to myself
Antidepressants and rx pain meds can hurt test levels too. Something to take into account.
Bsed on your avitar picture you are lean and muscular. you don't seem hypo based on your appearance. If you consumed alcohol before your test that will drop it considerably. If you are on any SSRI or other psychoactives for mental halth a lot of them will crush hormone levels. Something seems off with this picture. You do not have the physique of a hypogonadal young male.
This too… I was 6’2 and 148 when I started TRT at 19 years old.
Hello guys, new to the forums. Looking to get into bodybuilding, been lifting for 4 years then halted due to shoulder injury, I have diet and training dialed in, currently in a bulk but picked it back up 4 months ago. And recently got blood work done for shits and giggles, I am 22 never used anabolics, i do enjoy learning about them though. My results came in and my levels for testosterone are as so total: 339
Free: 76.6
SHGB: 15
Albumin: 4.5
Bio Available: 157.5
Are these normal levels? A buddy of mine told me to look into trt
Fuck man. I can believe Im seeing #s like this from guys in their 20s. The war on test is real.
1k or better and 200+ on free test is where you wanna be.
Dont fuck with trt clinics. They give you small amounts of shitty chink-test and anastrazole which can crash your estro easy and destroys bone density.
Get Test cyp or enth, dose at 250-300/wk and after 4 weeks start 10-12mgs aromasin on pin days.
Yes, test is low for your age.

Poor sleep and stress can cause this, so maybe do a sleep study and work on those little things that put you in the edge.

And welcome to ASF. From the Steroidify Team.