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Veteran from the past, but new to the ASF forums


Jun 17, 2023
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Hey guys,

I am Birdman from numerous older forums that appear to not be very active. I was a seasoned member of TheSourceCheck, SonsOfIron, and PeakMuscle and a few others. Back in 2010 I used to do banner ads for advertisers for some of these websites to help them gain popularity and also provided some common-sense mentoring for the noobs. I'm now in my early 60's and my hardcore body building days are no more. I'm down to TRT dosing and moderate lifting for health purposes, ... but perfectly happy with my new reality!

(Photo of my now ex-wife and I from back in 201)

Thanks for having me!


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Welcome to ASF! ? Knowledge is power ?

As a PSL sponsored athlete if I can be of any assistance feel free to reach out ?
Welcome to ASF bro ?
Welcome to ASF!
The Birdman! Welcome to ASF from the JuiceDaddy team ??? good to see you here.
On behalf of team PSL welcome

Team ep
Welcome! Love to hear what you are doing for TRT.

Nothing special. All I have left is Test-E in my arsenal. 100mg Test-E divided over two pins/week. Self-phlebotomizing every 100 or so days which freaks out my friends (high RBC). I find it fascinating! BP is surprisingly good now at 119/77. On-cycle BP many years ago was 139/85 at my highpoint, which made me nervous but was expected. I may have one more cycle left in me, but the passion is gone. Life lets you know when it's time to knock it off.

Thanks for the interest!'
Welcome Sir… always good to have someone of your talent around. I may have someone who you may be interested in speaking with. I’m a REP for AG and I know we, a while back, were looking at services such as yours.

Feel free to drop me a PM…. I can also send you a list as well.

Regardless, welcome to the community and hope to see you around.

Get Shredded!
Welcome to ASF! Come check us out at World of Roids. If you need any help do not hesitate to ask. We will assist you all throughout!
Welcome to ASF. Good to have you. Don’t sleep on TheOldJJdigs. Him and the rest of the AG crew are solid! Very professional.
On behalf of Worldofroids team, welcome to ASF brother! Feel free to reach out if you need anything; I'll be glad to help!