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May 13, 2016
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Cool Tips​

Most people who get disappointing results or quit out of frustration change the plan. They use different supplements, ignore the workout recommendations, or don’t do all the scheduled pulses.
The Velocity Diet is built on the synergy of its layers. Every part of it is dependent on the other parts. If you’re going to do the Velocity plan, do it right. Success leaves a trail. Follow it. Successful participants don’t change a thing.

Wait 20 Minutes​

Because of a series of complex biological mechanisms, it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to “know” it’s full.
It’s why you can eat until you’re full, then feel miserably stuffed 20 minutes later.
Dr. Janet Polivy, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, explains it best: “We don’t have immediate feedback from our bodies telling us we’ve eaten enough. It takes about 20 minutes for food to digest enough so glucose gets into the bloodstream and the hormones start working.”
Those hormones – insulin, leptin, cortisol, and ghrelin – act as chemical messengers to run signals related to hunger and satiety between the stomach and the brain.
So if you drink a shake or eat an HSM and think, “Hmm, I’m still hungry,” occupy yourself with something else and wait 20 minutes. After that, you’ll feel very satisfied.

Flavor Your Shake With Caution​

Metabolic Drive® protein tastes great. But after a couple of weeks on the plan, you may want to experiment with new flavoring. The only rule is this: You can’t add anything that increases calories, especially milk. Use water only.
Here are some ideas for new tastes and textures:
  • Try Different Thicknesses. Follow the label directions when blending your shakes for the best flavor and consistency. But feel free to experiment too. Some use extra water because they prefer thinner pulses. Others prefer their shakes thick and icy.
  • Add Non-Caloric Flavoring. Good choices include sugar-free DaVinci syrups and baking extracts, such as pure peppermint and almond. If you think you’ll like making new flavors purchase mostly vanilla Metabolic Drive® protein, as it’s the most versatile.
  • Spice It Up. Spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or pre-made apple or pumpkin pie blends work well.
  • Add instant coffee. Stir in one serving of instant coffee or espresso into your breakfast pulse. A serving of quality instant coffee and a little hazelnut or caramel-flavored sugar-free syrup will rival anything you get at your favorite pricey coffee shop!
  • Make hot chocolate. Add your chocolate Metabolic Drive® protein to some water that’s already hot (but not boiling), and stir or blend.

Make Pudding or Ice Cream​

For variety, many enjoy making their Metabolic Drive® pulses into pudding or even ice cream. It’s easy. Add a small amount of ice-cold water to your protein powder, just enough to make a thick, rich pudding, then eat it with a spoon. To make it into ice cream, partially freeze the pudding mixture and enjoy.

Blend Your Shakes​

Despite Metabolic Drive® powder mixing well with just a spoon or shaker bottle, try using a blender for most of your daily pulses. Blending them with a little ice gives you a true milkshake-like texture. It also forces you to drink the pulse slower, allowing you to experience satiety faster.
If you need to drink a shake or two at work, purchase a small single-serving blender. They’re inexpensive and portable.
Stirring or using a shaker bottle is fine in a pinch, but you’ll enjoy the plan more if you make each shake a treat.

Increase HSM Satisfaction​

Remember, one of the reasons the Velocity Diet is so successful for long-term leanness is it “re-sensitizes” your taste buds and perceptions of flavor. You’ll notice that healthy foods start tasting better. By avoiding hyper-palatable junk foods and boxed foods for 28 days, you’ll “rehab” your taste buds. To make this work even better, follow these tips when eating your HSM:
  • Mindful Eating. We mentioned mindful eating earlier. It’s simple: pay attention to your food. Savor it. Chew slowly. People who have disordered eating don’t do this. They don’t think about the wonderful flavors and textures of the food in their mouths; they only focus on the next bite. Put down your fork between bites and enjoy every bite. It’s what “foodies” and professional chefs do. It’s not what lifelong overweight people do. There’s a lesson there.
  • Make a plate and sit at a table. No eating from containers while standing up in the kitchen. And avoid eating in front of the TV, computer, or cell phone, which leads to distracted mindless eating. It causes you to be less satisfied with your meal, and you’ll be looking for something else to eat.
  • Eat all your HSMs from a small plate. If you’ve had overeating or binge-eating issues, try eating all your HSMs from a small plate. Researchers at the University of Illinois conducted a study where participants ate from soup bowls equipped with hidden refilling devices. Subjects who ate from these never-ending bowls consumed 73% more than those who ate from regular bowls. But here’s the kicker: They didn’t rate their feelings of satiety any higher than those who consumed less! Those who’ve struggled with overeating also find it helpful to eat with a small salad fork or chopsticks. It reprograms their eating habits, forces them to slow down, and they not only enjoy the meal more, they even feel more satisfied afterward.
  • Cook your own HSM. Whenever you can, prepare your healthy solid meals. Studies show that prepping and cooking your meal leads to more satisfaction and fullness. As a bonus, you’ll learn more about food. Ironically, overweight people know little about food because they often rely on restaurants and convenient meals. The fact remains: the more you cook, the better you’ll look.

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Answering Your Questions​

In addition to ice-cold water, what about coffee, tea, or diet soda?​

Non-caloric beverages are fine if they don’t interfere with your pulses or water drinking.

Isn’t this just a crazy starvation diet?​

No. Here’s the scoop:
  • The Velocity Diet provides five healthy feedings per day. You’re consuming a few hundred calories every few hours or so. That’s hardly “starving.”
  • The Velocity Diet has more healthy calories than most popular and widely accepted diets, ranging from those based on clinical weight loss to the frozen-meal plans.
  • The Velocity Diet provides more than ample protein, one gram per pound of body weight for most people.
  • The Velocity Diet provides more healthy fats than the average non-dieter consumes, especially omega-3s.
  • The Velocity Diet provides nutrients equivalent to eating between 10 and 12 average servings of organic fruits and vegetables daily. (These come mainly from the Superfood component of the diet.)

Won’t I be just a little hungry?​

Maybe, but it’s a fat-loss diet, and you need some willpower first as your body rids itself of unnatural cravings. But there’s no “starving” or malnourishment. The Velocity Diet provides hyper-nourishment.

Isn’t the Velocity Diet expensive?​

Not really. You’ll buy the supplement kit to start the diet, but your grocery bill will drastically decrease. You won’t have to buy breakfast, lunch, or snacks.
Many note that the 28 days on the Velocity plan is often less expensive than eating all solid food for four weeks, especially if you usually eat fast food or restaurant meals.
There’s also no alcohol on the plan. So you may be saving money there as well.
Also, remember the typical Metabolic Drive® pulse costs less than $2.00.

Can I Skip the HSM for Faster Results?​

No. This healthy solid meal is vital to the success of the diet for three main reasons:
  1. The HSM helps you stick to the diet. If you have a weak moment during the day, you’ll know you have a great meal to look forward to in the evening. It also makes social occasions easier to deal with: dates, business meetings, and holidays can count as your solid meal.
  2. The HSM retrains your body and brain to prefer healthier foods. This meal teaches you what many experts call “mindful eating,” which is key to long-term leanness.
  3. The HSM ensures success. Those who eat unhealthy foods during their HSM or skip the HSM altogether get less spectacular results. They also won’t experience the long-term taste-preference changes that make the Velocity Diet so powerful.

Can I do the Velocity Diet for more than four weeks?​

Yes. There’s nothing nutritionally lacking from the Velocity plan. Many also find it convenient. You don’t have to worry about food until the evening, reducing your time spent grocery shopping, planning meals, cooking, and cleaning up.