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This I would LOVE to see!

The problem with this board is there’s too many white people
I was kind of thinking the opposite but I would never say that out loud.

Oh shit...
Next ASF census is due soon.
That census only has two questions with the only answer options being 'Yes'

Are you white? Yes or Yes
Do you believe in numerous conspiracies? Yes or Yes
Yeah but its all the same thing "you started it" "no YOU started it" ... just dont give it your energy brother.
Your right. We are grown men. I should let it go. I should have made one or two responses rather then waste my time on nonsense.

Because it’s not a good look to go past that. I have respect for a lot of members.

I don’t want to be the guy that will annoy other members who have no dog in this fight when they come to discuss real shit and not stupidity.

I some times can overdue my responses and forget there are others who read it and haven’t seen who started it and have no desire to look it up cause that’s not why they come here.

I hope people can walk away from this. I don’t enjoy insulting people.

Will I break balls yes. Will I defend against stupid comments yes. With in reason.

I appreciate the members like your self pointed this out to me from a 3 party perspective.
I'll interject a quick thought on the original topic between insults. lol

Perry in an MMA cage with takedowns or a bareknuckle fight would destroy Paul, but boxing is a completely different animal. Paul would just use his size, tie Perry up and stay away from him making the most boring fight imaginable.
I was about to say nah too many libtards but theyre a bigger minority than Buckwheat at a three-state Klan rally, so yeah has to be all these pesky crackers round here
Way too many liibtards.