Thank You Fletcher and Farma..!!!


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Dec 29, 2013
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We all owe a debt of gratitude to both Fletcher and Farma..
For doing ALL the work on the "Raffle"...
Their unselfishness shows...and reminds us, what good people Can do...

This idea would still be an idea without them..
Without them...Dale.c's family would continue to suffer and perhaps loose hope..
They will not experience those things Now..
Instead, kindness..real help..and know some do infact this Cold Harsh World..

I hope someone can take this to the Next Level..Perhaps, a fund established to help families that will need help in the Future..
I've seen many fall over my yrs here..
One man is no Island...
Collectively, we can make a huge difference..
I wish I could shake everyone's hand that dug deep..but also,the one's that couldn't..
We all have tough times..maybe the next time you can when many..just can't..!!

This is a modern-day Christmas Miracle..
Nothing Short of Love for our Brother and my Friend...
We changed those two girls eyes,..this I pray..
Changed Mine for sure..
Thank You ASF....