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Mar 11, 2018
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Bronx, NY
Get Shredded!
Hey everyone, hope all is well. I just received my first order from Alpha Sigma, and these fellas are on point. Although they offer free shipping, which I will be taking advantage of, I was a little tight on time and needed the products ordered quickly to start my cycle as planned. I paid the small fee for 2-3 day shipping and received a tracking # almost instantly. The tracking originally said I would get the package on Saturday, however, it arrived yesterday (Friday). So, just being honest, I paid a decent amount less than what most other sources charge for the same products, this amount was then further reduced by the BTC discount, and my gear arrived in only X days. Everything was neatly and securely packaged together and all products ordered were accounted for. Since this was my first time dealing with this source, I kept the order relatively small, however, now I can start my cycle, and having verified for myself that these guys are reliable, dependable, and seem to operate very quickly and efficiently, I can order the additional items that I'll need for my cycle. I will definitely be using Alpha Sigma again and I'll update everybody on the results once the gear kicks in.
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