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taking a trip


Dec 26, 2017
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so im leaving for mexico for a week and i pin Thursdays and Saturdays so this Saturday ill pin 1 ml or test e and 1 ml of tren e the problem is i wont be back til the following Saturday so for 1 week ill wont pin im alittle worried i wish i could sneak some on the plane lol do i need to worry or just pin when i arrive home?
you have a few options Amigo

-ship your Gear to Mexico

- You are using long esters , missing 1 pin shouldnt hurt much imho (i would do this)

- try to sneak in preloaded pins into airplane.

this are all NOT ideal options.

Plan your cycles better.
I would pin 1.5ml of test before I leave and then 1.5 ml of test the day I get back and leave the Tren at normal doses. I Def wouldn't try to bring anything on a plane now. I have taken stuff to Mexico before but it was years ago and for how long your gone it's not worth it imo . But this is what I would do if I was in your situation
There's also the gear in a visine bottle trick that you can put in your luggage.

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you can also just buy Test in Mexico.
Yeah it's not going to hurt just pin your last pin right before you walk out the door. Last time I double my test pin right before I left and I didn't notice shit except I wanted to fuck everything in site which is normally how I respond to a fuck load of gear. I wouldn't do this tho just take your normal amount at the very latest time possible and then just pin when you get home. You could throw some test a in when you get back just to get the ball rolling a little quicker but not a must.