TAD-600 (glutathione) A powerful antioxidant/liver aid - Immune Regulator Inhibit Coronavirus Proliferation


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Aug 20, 2013
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Get Shredded!

This SUPER antioxidant could protection you from all those pesky, nasty viruses that forces us lay us low:
rhinovirus, coronavirus, adenovirus, influenza and parainfluenza virus,
respiratory syncytial virus, influenza A virus, Coxsackie virus and more.



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TAD600- Glutatione 646mg/vial + water solution
Condition: New product
Supplier: Biomedica Foscama ,Italy
Chemical Name:Glutatione
Comes In: 600mg/vial
Dosage: 600mg one or twice per week
Active time: 1-3 days
Class:Anti oxidant & anti Toxins therapy
Shipping from Europe

Supplier:Biomedica Foscama ,Italy
Chemical Name:Glutatione
Comes In: 646mg/vial
Dosage: 646mg one or twice per week
Active time: 1-3 days
Class:Anti oxidant & anti Toxins therapy

Far as the web and medical journals are concerned,they rate this "Best stuff EVER"

Glutathione also known as gamma-glutamylcysteinylglycine or GSH is a tri-peptide or a small protein molecule formed from three amino acids:

(Gamma) Glutamic acid

Glutathione is a water-soluble antioxidant, a detoxifier. It plays a key role in the support of the immune system. It is found in the largest concentrations in the liver.

Many medical experts claim that glutathione is the most important and effective endogenous antioxidant. It is considered by some as the body's first line of defense against oxidative stress and a number of xenobiotics (exogenous toxins such as benzenes, heavy metals and pesticides) which are constantly attacking our cells and enzymes.

The accumulation of oxidative damage is the most widely accepted biochemical mechanism involved in aging and in the deterioration in physiological function associated with it. There is a direct correlation between aging and decreased intracellular concentrations of glutathione, as well as a strong correlation between increases in these concentrations and improved survival rates. Scientists are now convinced that optimal levels of glutathione are essential for supporting the immune system, protecting cells from free radicals and detoxifying the liver, minimising the risk of chronic disease and promoting longevity.

Glutathione is the greatest antioxidant

Glutathione is manufactured inside the human cells. The cell's ability to make glutathione is determined by the supply of raw materials or glutathione precursors, in particular of the amino acid cysteine.

Glutathione is your body's master antioxidant and one of the most important healing agents. The highest concentration of glutathione is found in the liver which is the principal organ involved in the detoxification and elimination of toxic materials. Interestingly, glutathione also acts to reconstitute the antioxidant vitamins C and E after they have been oxidized, and therefore plays a determinant role in their function.

Low glutathione levels are found in:

immune compromised individuals
neuro-degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimers, and Parkinson's disease
male infertility
pregnancy complications
damage from many pharmaceutical drugs
in patients with AIDS

High levels of glutathione appear to protect against the dangers of:

heart disease
premature aging
autoimmune diseases
chronic illnesses

No other antioxidant is as important to overall health as glutathione. It is the regulator and regenerator of immune cells and the most valuable detoxifying agent in the human body.
Age and glutathione

There is a direct correlation with the speed of aging and the reduction of glutathione concentrations in intracellular fluids. As individuals grow older, glutathione levels drop, and the ability to detoxify free radicals decreases.
Glutathione is manufactured inside the human cells. The cell's ability to make glutathione is determined by the supply of raw materials or glutathione precursors, in particular of the amino acid cysteine.
Glutathione detoxifies, hydrates and regenerates the cells of the skin - literally working from the inside out to help soften wrinkles, fade fine lines and help skin's natural radiance to return.

Glutathione IS TRULY the body's master antioxidant. Glutathione is so powerful that it is able to naturally detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and turn back the hands of time with dramatic anti-aging properties. In fact, numerous people have reported that their skin has become more radiant even within a few days of use (WOW, much like the anti aging effects from HGH).

Why should you be interested in glutathione?

Live longer and healthier
;Scientists have discovered that how long you live is directly proportional to how much glutathione is in your body. Wouldn't elevating your glutathione levels make sense?

Detoxify and feel better

Our environment today is loaded with toxic metals, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. Physicians regularly use injections of glutathione to remove these harmful materials from their patient's bodies. Now you can harness the power of glutathione by injections.

Look young and radiant

We all want to look our best, and clinical research has found that glutathione is capable of stimulating collagen synthesis. By elevating collagen production those fine lines and wrinkles start to disappear. Now you can have more youthful,Click here to purchase!

Protect your body from harm

You are probably already familiar with the benefits of antioxidants and how they control the damaging effects of free radicals in our bodies. Glutathione is so powerful it is called the master antioxidant. If you could only supplement your diet with one antioxidant it would be glutathione!

Supercharge your immune system

As we age our immune system becomes weaker and you can become sick more often. Research has proven that glutathione plays a central role in how well our immune system functions. Now you can supercharge your glutathione levels and have a young, powerful immune system.

Glutathione research

Blood glutathione levels have been identified as being one of the most important indicators of our overall health. As the master antioxidant in the body Glutathione has a range of diverse metabolic functions including acting as a free radical scavenger, recharging depleted antioxidants back into their active state (vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, etc.), maintaining the immune system, supporting protein structures and removing heavy metals such as mercury through the liver.

Present methods that attempt to elevate glutathione levels are not very effective. Oral supplements of glutathione are destroyed by stomach acids. Glutathione is a tri-peptide composed of three amino acids and adding these amino acids to the diet does not guarantee elevated levels of glutathione. Injections of glutathione will translate into elevated levels of glutathione in the blood, as this is a very effect method yielding exceptional results.

There are over 70,000 clinical studies supporting the benefits of glutathione supplementation and here are just a few of the categories of research that has been conducted:

The ability of glutathione to provide optimum health.
Glutathione's role in liver detoxification.
How glutathione is not only valuable as an aid in the battle against cancer, but how glutathione protects the body from the side effects of chemotherapy.
Glutathione as a powerful anti-aging product.
Supercharged immune systems with glutathione.
How glutathione protects your eyes from damaging free radicals.
How glutathione promotes endurance and fights muscle fatigue.

Glutathione is a naturally occurring, very powerful antioxidant. When you take liver supplements such as NAC, it works by increasing your body's output of glutathione, which protects your organs from free radicals and toxins that can damage them. When supplementing with glutathione directly, you are giving your body a much more effective dose.

Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver. It is also found in fruits, vegetables, and meats.

People take glutathione by mouth for treating cataracts and glaucoma, preventing aging, treating or preventing alcoholism, asthma, cancer, heart disease (atherosclerosis and high cholesterol), hepatitis, liver disease, diseases that weaken the body’s defense system (including AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome), memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. Glutathione is also used for maintaining the body’s defense system (immune system) and fighting metal and drug poisoning.
Glutathione is breathed in (inhaled) for treating lung diseases, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and lung disease in people with HIV disease.
Healthcare providers give glutathione as a shot (by injection into the muscle) for preventing poisonous side effects of cancer treatment (chemotherapy) and for treating the inability to father a child (male infertility).
Healthcare providers also give glutathione intravenously (by injection into the vein, by IV) for preventing “tired blood” (anemia) in kidney patients undergoing hemodialysis treatment, preventing kidney problems after heart bypass surgery, treating Parkinson’s disease, improving blood flow and decreasing clotting in individuals with “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), treating diabetes, and preventing toxic side effects of chemotherapy.

One of the most "UNIQUE" properties that it possess is NO known side effects!

This product is perfect for keeping your organs healthy when using harsh orals or multi compounds.
It also had amazing skin whitening properties. It removes toxins from the skin giving it a clear, youthful look (more clarity).
There is NO better protection for your organs than glutathione. It is the most powerful antioxidant known to man.


Glutathione-Capped Ag2S Nanoclusters Inhibit Coronavirus Proliferation
through Blockage of Viral RNA Synthesis and Budding.


Development of novel antiviral reagents is of great importance for the control of virus spread. Here, Ag2S nanoclusters (NCs) were proved for the first time to possess highly
efficient antiviral activity by using porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) as a model of coronavirus. Analyses of virus titers showed that Ag2S NCs significantly suppressed the infection
of PEDV by about 3 orders of magnitude at the noncytotoxic concentration at 12 h postinfection, which was further confirmed by the expression of viral proteins.
Mechanism investigations indicated that Ag2S NCs treatment inhibits the synthesis of viral negative-strand RNA and viral budding. Ag2S NCs treatment was also found to positively regulate the generation of
IFN-stimulating genes (ISGs) and the expression of proinflammation cytokines, which might prevent PEDV infection.
This study suggest the novel underlying of Ag2S NCs as a promising therapeutic drug for coronavirus.


Glutathione (GSH) is recognized as the most important antioxidant produced in the human body. Glutathione is present in every cell of the body,
and the depletion of glutathione is noted in a wide range of medical conditions.
Low concentrations of glutathione have been noted in in individuals with asthma and viral infections.
Glutathione is particularly known for its ability to recycle other antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E.
Glutathione inhibits coronavirus.

Glutathione: The Great Detoxifier and Immune Regulator

Glutathione has been called the ‘mother’ of all antioxidants—and there are over 142,000 peer reviewed studies published to prove it.
It’s our built-in natural detoxification system,
and it works at the cellular level. It’s a critical step in detoxification system, binding and ‘sticking’ to toxins and free radicals of all kinds,
so that your body can safely carry them into your bladder and gut and out of your body.
But what is less well known about glutathione is how profoundly it supports the immune system.

When intracellular glutathione level dips, white blood cells called lymphocytes are impaired and viral infections can percolate.
The synthesis of new DNA and new cells is exquisitely sensitive to free radical damage,
and high levels of glutathione protect it. And rapid decreases in glutathione levels have been seen after infection with viruses.
Optimal levels of glutathione support a balanced immune response.

When intracellular glutathione stores are rich, immune molecules are stimulated, and both viruses and bacteria are inhibited. When reserves of glutathione are low,
the immune system switches away from a “Th1” innate immunity response toward a stronger “Th2” inflammatory response, which is dominant in autoimmune diseases,
allergic reactions and viral infections like flu and cold. Glutathione has been proven to help improve the balance between Th1 and Th2,
and to improve immune response to bacterial infections and even eliminate the bacteria.

Though oral glutathione is not reliable as a supplement, because stomach acid can easily degrade it, liposomal glutathione has been shown to markedly increase glutathione stores.
In one month-long study glutathione went up 40% in whole blood and 100% in the immune system’s critical T cells, B cells, and natural killer cells.
Immune function markers were also enhanced—and amazingly, natural killer cells cytotoxicity, or ability to kill, was elevated by up to 400% with liposomal glutathione.

"This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”


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a great product not to be missed


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the best product you can take to detox.
This is used after chemotherapy...I told you everything.


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It's Always detox time.