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Switching up splits?


Aug 6, 2023
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Get Shredded!
How often if at all should I change up the days my program. Can I keep a split forever if I really like it or would it be more beneficial to change things up like the groups muscles are trained in a certain day. Do you guys do this?
I’d say it depends how you train, but if you’re going by ol faithful progressive overload as long as your numbers are moving up you should be okay with same split. I like to switch it up from time to time just to compare what works best or to get something different going on.
Depends on your individual recovery and any specialization/emphasis you would like to pursue, then obviously preference. As long as each body part is recovering sufficiently in time for the next workout and your current program isn't creating unbearable systemic fatigue, you can structure according to your preference. Changing things up also creates some novelty and keeps things interesting.
People program hop too much looking for something. Has little to do w/ anything, pick one you love, put 110% into it.
You will gain. They all work... Intensity is key, not the program...
If you feel it in the muscle you’re working then why switch… if I don’t enjoy it anymore and I’m getting no progress or good pumps from it then I’ll switch. Other wise I’m good with the same ones…. Ride it till the wheels fall off 👌