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Sunrise Pharma How many

Are you using Sunrise Pharma right now?
Im interested on who has used or is using Sunrise Gear, GH or Peptides.
Feedback good or bad is appreciated. (y)
Was wondering this myself for a while. 🫡
Seems like a little gem hiding behind not to many posts.
Im impressed so far. (y)
This is what I was kind of wondering as well. I try to muster out some feedback a while ago about these guys.
Sunrise is A1. Tried their anavar, test e and hgh. Forgot to mention their Cialis also. Wound up losing my mother during that run and things took a turn for the worse for me mentally and emotionally. So I wasn't in a state to post about it at the time. From my experience, I wouldn't cycle again without hgh.
I have some sunrise test e that I’m using currently (the cottonseed oil version).
Yeah ive been enjoying his stuff now for almost a month.... Everything is just about at full saturation!!
@Bolan and the ASF members commenting in this thread and even @Johnnyhartly!

I want to jump in on this thread from Bolan and recognise that the members and Sunrise customers that got involved and provided some honest feedback of their history and experience with Sunrise products and our service is truly appreciated. Bolan generated this thread IMO to set his gauge on wheter he is working with the right source as a Sponsored Athlete with and the right lab? Our ASF members in this community now can see that Sunrise does provide a good product and also provides a good safe, reliable service to our customers, consistently! Exactky as our track record shows over our last four years in business.The honest feedbak is appreciated. Positive or Negative... it's all good, as it helps me better align ourselves to improve in areas that need imprivement, specifically for our customer base, so that we continue to offer and deliver on a legit product and and a legit service to our new and reoeat valued loyal customers. Thank you.