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Spring cycle help


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Jun 14, 2020
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Hey everyone I'm getting ready to start a spring cycle and needed some input. First off I'm on dr prescribed trt at 100mg test c every week,...I take 150-200 between bloodworks checks from the dr though...last stack I ran was 400mg test weekly 20 mg dbol ed and 50 mg provirion ed, but my bp went nuts and I had to stop and get on bp meds since then just been running my trt dose....been about 11 months since then. Anyway I'm thinking of going test and primo but not sure of the dosage, my initial thought was 200 test c and 300 primo weekly with 50 proviron ed but not sure if I really needed the proviron, I've never done primo before and I'm not sure on the dosage I should try. I can go up to 400mg of test c weekly with no sides but at 500 I get some. kinda would like to keep the test on the lower side if possible, I have nolva and aromasin on hand as well. Any input from the guys who have run primo before would sure be helpful
Little more info I tore my patella tendon back in June of 22 and am just now getting back to lower body work so really weak in the legs . Gonna run the cycle for 10-16 weeks depending on input I receive
That's what I'm looking for this time around safe and clean....with the bp issues and my hemocrit going crazy I need to keep it as mild as I can until I get and my ancillary meds dialed in
Nice to see a responsibly planned cycle and feedback from vets. I'll take the advice on this as well. Gracias
Primo is my fav when cutting but I get tired of pining eod. 600 week is good dose I had 200 mg would do it mon Wed fri. Test was at 300mg week.

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One of my favorite little blasts is test at 300 a week and 50mg of anavar on training days. Good gains, very minimal sides. You don’t always need more to get noticeable results
Thx everyone, gonna start with 300/300 test c/primo with 50 mg ed of provirion. I may go to 500 primo at the 6 week mark depending on bloodwork and gains