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Somatozine while running contest prep cycle


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Apr 30, 2017
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SteelWarrior74;2463855]Hey guys just started on a bottle of Somatozine 6wks out from the Upstate Classic while running a Tri-blend of phenyl propionate, masteron, and Trenbolone, along with BOLODENONE. I'm so enthused by the feeling, the strength, pumps that I'm getting just 2wks in to bottle. At first I wasn't sure about this stuff, with all the talk about Sarms in cap form being Bunk, but I thought to myself, "Shit man" mk677 ain't even a sarm. Glad that listen to the BullShit because this stuff ROCKS. I'm a 42yr old, 6foot, 267lbs male, my sleep pattern is kinda jacked up, My doctor thinks that I have sleep apnea . Other than that, I feel like and Absolute BEAST. Is there anyone else experiencing this shit?

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