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mike 666

Nov 11, 2020
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Come Sharing your log with us :

We would love to offer a 200 € (or equivalent in $ / £) store credit to anyone who willing to run a log. Keep a detailed log throughout your entire cycle. If you get bloods done and post them, we will offer an additional 100 € (or equivalent in $ / £) store credit.
Your cycle/log and pictures will be shown publicly on BlackRoids in the users’ cycles archive.

Here are the rules:

1) Send us pre and post pics.
2) What Gear are you running?
3) How long is your cycle?
4) What does your diet consist of?
5) What is your training split?
6) Give us updates 2x a week. Examples: weight, changes in routine or food intake. The updates must be until to the end of your CYCLE and also until the end of your PCT.
7) Be as detailed as possible. Your log can help motivate others.
8) To receive credit, all the above must be met. No exceptions!

This is our first customer share his log :
You will get a page like this and you can share it everywhere you want after.

Who interesting please contact me.
Team Blackroids


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