RUSSIA HOAX - Arrest #1 just happened


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Jul 10, 2014
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We know Hillary was behind the Russian Dossier and disseminating it to the media.

Robby Mook testified against her regarding that.

Why isn't she arrested yet?

And today we learn this:

Chuck Callesto


BOMBSHELL REPORT: The Same FBI Agents that Knew Hillary Was Behind Trump-Russia Lie Were Purportedly MEMBERS OF MUELLER TEAM and Neglected to Include this Important Fact..

1:57 PM · May 24, 2022·Twitter Web App


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Sep 21, 2019
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A very simple question one must ask of this entire situation, is this:
Why would the government, from state and federal law enforcement agencies, State Dept, Treasury Dept, IRS, major media, big business, currently serving and retired politicians, legions of federal name it......Why were they so intent on taking Trump down? To the point of literally FRAMING him for Treason via the fake Russiagate scandal. Treason......a death penalty level offense...

Was it because of his mean tweets?

Or was it because he was going to do what he threatened to do years before he ran for President, then threatened during his campaign, which was this:

1.Investigate, prosecute and imprison as many traitors and corrupt politicians within our government as possible
2. Reduce reliance upon foreign oil and energy
3. Reduce complete reliance upon basic life goods produce internationally
3. Secure our food chain
4. Seal the border and bring sanity to our immigration process
5. End the pointless wars. End destruction of our blood and treasure for the profit of a select few
6. Oh, and shut down the international satanic pedos power networks
And on and on and on.