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RUSSIA HOAX - Arrest #1 just happened


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Jul 10, 2014
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Recall the other day I said "DURHAM investigations would lead to arrests"

Some of my own people said, nothing will never happen. Understandably I get that doubt. But someone else called me a conspiracy theorist and laughed.

Guess I get the last laugh...though this is just the beginning LOL

Arrest Of Steele Dossier Source A "Seismic Development"


The office of Special Counsel John Durham has confirmed that Igor Danchenko, a key source for British ex-spy Christopher Steele, has been arrested. This is the third arrest by Durham who is moving toward the prosecution stage of his investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion scandal. Durham is variously described as either painfully methodical or positively glacial as a prosecutor. But he is widely credited with being a dogged and absolutely apolitical prosecutor. Danchenko’s arrest is a seismic development and confirmed Durham is far from done with his investigation.
Washington was recently rocked by the indictment of Michael Sussman, former counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee, for his alleged role in spreading a false Russia conspiracy theory.
Now Danchenko is being charged with lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Danchenko is widely referenced as the sub-source for former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele for his controversial dossier. That dossier, funded by the Clinton campaign, served as the basis for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against Trump campaign aide Carter Page.


Danchenko told the FBI that the dossier was “unsubstantiated” and said that Steele asked him to look for any “compromising” information on Trump. Mr. Danchenko worked for the Brookings Institution, a liberal Washington think-tank that often produced reports critical of Trump.
Danchenko is not someone who immediately comes across as an apex defendant — the highest target in an investigation. He was a key source used by others to advance false or unsubstantiated claims against Trump. He is the type of defendant that prosecutors pressure to flip against those who retained him or used him in this effort. In other words, he strikes me as someone who can be used as a building block to apex defendants.
Potential apex targets above him in investigation range from Steele himself to Clinton general counsel Marc Elias to Clinton campaign officials.
There is no indication if Durham has possible evidence of criminal acts by those figures but there is every indication that he is not done by a long shot with this investigation.
* * *
Meanwhile, Sergei Milan has announced that the indictment exonerates him:


Meanwhile, Sergei Milan has announced that the indictment exonerates him:
* * *
* * *
Federal authorities on Tuesday arrested Igor "Iggy" Danchenko, a Russian national who was the primary researcher for the so-called Steele Dossier - a compendium of opposition research funded by the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and used to smear Donald Trump as a Russian operative. It was also used as justification for an FBI wiretap application targeting former Trump adviser Carter Page.

According to the New York Times, the arrest of Danchenko is part of John Durham's special counsel investigation into wrongdoing connected to the Obama administration's Russia investigation.

The other funny thing about this...Those idiots won a pullitzer prize or one of those other fake awards for reporting on the fake dossier

LMAO...the dumbest humans to ever walk the Earth!!!!
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while its good to see some people being charged for their roles in this, it will never get to hillary. you notice how quiet everyone is over epstien, people will get suicided if they talk. just saying
Kilsong how ya gonna spin this sir? At least you are here and speaking to us

Wheres Tommy and Beastmode!!!!
Yeah but they need to be incrementally bigger and bigger... I wanna see Schiff shit his pants, I also want John Brennan's head on a PIKE
Kilsong how ya gonna spin this sir? At least you are here and speaking to us

Wheres Tommy and Beastmode!!!!
They must be in the witness protection program now...
I dont care what side you're on this shit is alllll bad. Its so obvious what went on here. That said dems and never Trump people will never admit it because they would have to admit they're wrong. People need to understand they were fooled for a reason. Trump wasn't going to play along with this new world order BS. They had to get him out. It didn't work in 16 so they released a virus in 2020. It would be the only thing they could get Trump on. Wouldn't matter who was president no one could handle a new virus perfectly. Shit Biden has higher number a year after Trump.

This while thing has been BS and just like how dems win the day after a election. It's all fraud. They have a plan and if you're not on board you're done.
Once I saw the very first indictment a few weeks ago, I saw like 15 unnamed people in it so I expect at least 15 arrests however I'm guessing out of those 15 some are taking plea deals to save themselves bigger sentences. Durham is just getting started.
Durham will get bigger fish, this I can nearly guarantee.
Comey, McCabe should be very worried right now.
Steele is almost certainly going to be arrested. Fuck, he is probably already under sealed indictment.

And remember: if, during the course of his investigation, Durham uncovers other crimes unrelated to the original investigation scope, he is required to investigate said other crimes as well. The implications of this are staggering and cannot be understated.
And last fun fact: Durham's original investigation scope also includes the Mueller special counsel and any crimes the Mueller team may have committed during the course of their investigation. Remember how conveniently all of Mueller's team "accidentally" erased, wiped clean, their government issued cell phones that were used during their investigation?

While I am not the biggest fan of Bill Barr, he did give Durham full latitude to investigate anybody and everybody that even had an inkling of involvement in spygate/framing Trump.
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Kilsong how ya gonna spin this sir? At least you are here and speaking to us

Wheres Tommy and Beastmode!!!!

More nonsense.... Nonsense that will go NOWWHERE.
Tucker wasn't even on last nite. But I'm sure he will loose his shit tonite.
Wellllllll. Explain THIS:
More nonsense.... Nonsense that will go NOWWHERE.
Tucker wasn't even on last nite. But I'm sure he will loose his shit tonite.
Wellllllll. Explain THIS:

Ugh MSDNC this early in the morning. Rachel Maddow. Really sir, I thought we were friends. You trying to ruin my am this early LOL

So anyways yeah I will tell you this, I personally have spoken to George Pappadopolous years back about all of this. We know for a fact and proof exists that all of this was 100% staged.

This guy Igor lied repeatedly. Christopher Steele lied repeatedly. The FBI even threw him off the case and then on the side (not officially) got caught paying him aka they were also helping to stage it. Does the name Andrew McCabe and James Comey ring a bell? Long time since we have heard those hideous names.

The FBI knew for years Igors sources were false. Yet the included this information for years. Declassified documents PROVE this.

Reports say "The FBI DID NOT have confidence in this subset of Steele's reporting and referenced that the referenced subset was a series of RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION."

Incredibly Fiona Hills ugly name also just surfaced. Aka snitch.

Durham is going to be taking down quite a few people. Get ready for it sir. The FBI knew all this and refused to indict Igor. Now Durham arrested and indicted him. Funny how that works when you put an unbiased Prosecutor on the case.
I'd get behind this if he went after Hillary... And GOT her.
If she had bigger Pelosi sized tits and a dick then maybe
Authorities Arrest Analyst Who Contributed to Steele Dossier

  • Igor Danchenko, a Russia analyst who worked with Christopher Steele, the author of a dossier of rumors and unproven assertions about Donald J. Trump, was taken into custody as part of the Durham investigation.
Source: nytimes.com

The Igor Danchenko Indictment

  • The Danchenko Indictment
  • John Durham has another scalp. On November 3, 2021, Igor Danchenko – Christopher Steele’s primary subsource – was arrested by federal authorities.
  • Now we have his indictment. Danchenko has been charged with false statements to federal officials during his 2017 interviews with the FBI.
  • According to the indictment, Danchenko lied about his contacts with “Russians,” his travels to Russia, and the identity of his sources. (Those are just some of the lies.) In John Durham’s words:

  • For purposes of background on the second charge, Danchenko alleged he received a call from from Russian reporter/businessman Sergei Millian alleging a Trump/Russia conspiracy. Millian has long-denied placing this call. This call was important because it was the basis, in part, of the FISA warrants against Carter Page. Durham’s investigation revealed Danchenko “never received such a phone call or such information from” Millian.
  • More from the Indictment:
  • Danchenko kept “PR Executive-1” – an influential Democrat – updated of his “Kompromat” research. We have learned from a person smarter than us that this is likely Charles Dolan Jr.

  • The Democrat PR Exec (Dolan): “I think [Danchenko] worked for FSB.” (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.)

  • The “Russian Sub-Source-1” of Danchenko was a Hillary Clinton supporter and was gifted an autobiography of Hillary Clinton.

  • “Russian Sub-Source-1” had a personal interest in a Hillary Clinton victory, stating that the Democrat PR executive (Dolan) would “take me to the State Department if Hillary wins.”

Durham alleges that Danchenko – the Steele source – and the Democrat “PR Executive” (Dolan) worked together to gather intel/dirt on Trump. From their e-mails:

The Democrat PR Executive (Dolan) later admitted to the FBI he fabricated this information to Danchenko.

Danchenko later falsely denied to the FBI that the Democrat PR Executive (Dolan) had provided him with information.

Danchenko further lied about his claims of staying in a Moscow Hotel in June 2016. He didn’t stay at the Moscow Hotel until October. This is material because Danchenko purportedly gathered information from sources during the June 2016 stay (which never occurred).

Here’s an important observation: Danchenko wasn’t a necessarily a source – he was a go-between, providing Steele with information from the Democrat PR Executive (Dolan).

And then Danchenko lied about the Democrat PR Executive (Dolan) not being his source.

  • Overall, Danchenko faces five false statement charges:

  1. Falsely denying he didn’t talk to the Democrat PR executive (Dolan) about the dossier allegations.
  2. Falsely stating he took a 2016 call from Russian Sergei Millian (whom he says alleged a Trump/Russia conspiracy).
  3. Falsely stating in another FBI interview that he took the 2016 call from Millian.
  4. Falsely stating he talked to Millian more than once over the phone.
  5. False in another FBI interview about his conversations with Millian.

Source: technofog.substack.com
I think those tits are fake they dont look too special in old pics


...wow. Pelosi wasn’t half bad looking. Wish I could go back in time and suffocate her eith my dick down her throat and string her up in time square for Christmas
Oh yeah!

New evidence is pointing at Fiona Hill as a potential incoming indictment

Recall she was an "impeachment witness" against Trump

Now how does this look? She was framing the President and then simultaneously sitting as a "witness" against him

LMFAO, these are the DUMBEST HUMANS to walk the Earth. I get to say this every day until they are all removed.
Not sure if related, but...

JUST IN - DOJ AG Garland and FBI Director Wray to announce "a significant law enforcement matter" later today.
Not sure if related, but...

JUST IN - DOJ AG Garland and FBI Director Wray to announce "a significant law enforcement matter" later today.

Knowing these clowns it's probably an update regarding arresting parents who oppose CRT ???
Yeah, I'm definitely not holding my breath...

It will come from the Wray/Garland grab bag of liberal tricks:
- white supremacy
- white supremacy
- white supremacy with a perhaps a sprinkle of white nationalism
Like shining a light on cockroaches, but not having a boot to stomp them with...

Exactly, they just scatter under the floor boards and multiply.