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Roelly Winklaar has lost some mass....?


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Jun 16, 2012
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Las Vegas
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Roelly Winklaar is looking very downsized in a recent update. The veteran bodybuilder has lost a considerable amount of mass since his last day m stage performance.

Carrying around a considerable amount of muscle on your frame isnÂ’t particularly healthy. ItÂ’s one of the reasons so many people refuse to become bodybuilders. The health risks involved are just a bit insurmountable for the average Joe. Those in the MenÂ’s Open division in particular pack pounds and pounds of mass onto their frames.

The recent rash of deaths in the bodybuilding community has been causing major concerns. Even the relatively younger Antoine Vaillant has had to deal with recent health scares. One can only imagine that it has to do with the profession that these competitors are in.

Roelly Winklaar however appears to be going for a different look these days.

Known for having an extremely massive physique, Roelly Winklaar has never been a small man. That said Winklaar is looking much different than he has in the last decade.

While itÂ’s certain that Roelly Winklaar has lost a ton of mass, the reason why isnÂ’t yet known. But what is certain is that this is a Winklaar weÂ’ve never seen before. Hopefully itÂ’s not because of a health risk of some kind. If itÂ’s because heÂ’s looking to retire it would also be pretty shocking. WeÂ’ll see how this story continues to develop.


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Thats what good reefer, good pussy, and a full bank acct can do to a man!
Wow.....he looks good and healthy, but fuck, he has shrunk tremendously. Used to be a mound of muscle.
I mean, is he retired?
Yeah he def is not up to his prime size here.. Maybe taking a little break to heal up receptors ETC..? Time will tell,