Put on TRT, but questioning doctors decision


Aug 29, 2013
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Hey guys, I have a little dilemma I'd like some opinions on. First my history.
I started lifting seriously at 15 years old at 130 pounds. At 18 I made a dumb decision and started using steroids. My first "cycle" was a pro hormone I don't remember the name, drol something with a clomid pct. The next was 500mg test for 12 weeks, standard pct. Then the last was when I was 19 years old, 12 weeks 750mg test and dbol and standard pct. After all that I was 210 pounds at 5'10 and around 12-14%bf.

I had a pretty serious surgery on my heart for something I was born with and thus was unable to exercise at all for 6 months, and even after that I was very limited. I lost 60 pounds as I had no appetite and was stuck in bed. After that experience I was never really motivated to get back into the gym because I felt and looked like shit(I hate being small.)

So fast-forward to now, I'm 22 years old, 140 pounds. I have been feeling severely fatigued, sleep like shit, no appetite, and low sex drive etc for a while so I decided to finally go to the doctor. After I was tested for everything from HIV, Hepatitis, Thyroid function, a ton of general health markers etc, everything came back normal. My doctor was kind of stuck on a diagnosis so I asked if using a pro hormone a few years ago could have made my testosterone go down. I know you're supposed to be honest with doctors but I barely know the guy and didn't want to tell him I took illegal drugs. He ordered a total testosterone test but that's it.

My testosterone was 400ng/dl on a range of like 300-1050. We both agree that even though it's in the normal range my levels should be higher for my age. So he suggested trt, at 100mg/wk. I was kind of shocked he did this because from what I've read it's very hard to get a doctor to prescribe trt, especially at a young age like me. I am not against going on trt if it will help me not feel like shit every day. I am just concerned my doc jumped the gun and/or has little knowledge about this stuff. He never even took any other hormone tests like sbgh, estrogen, etc just the total testosterone. He gave me my first shot today.

So I guess my question is, am I making a bad decision? Looking back I should have asked for more tests, but when he offered the trt the only thing running through my mind was I'll finally feel better, so I just accepted it. I'm just worried that without the other tests, I'll screw something up or hurt my body in some way.

Please don't tell me how stupid I was for using gear at 18, I already know it was a dumb decision and I'm not looking for feedback on that.


Sep 1, 2012
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Sounds like he doesn't know much and I'll be surprised if 100mg/wk fixes you. It might only replace existing level of 400 while atrophying your testes. An endocrinologist is a better bet but you could still get a turkey.

How much are doc visits, any copay? And labs? You can always get your own for $57 (after coupon code) and avoid any of that hassle about which labs you're "allowed" to have, and whether you get to see all the results:


If you feel like SHBG and Free T would help to know, it's a bit more money:


You ought to try clomid or aromasin therapy first, much easier with just an oral med and involves no shutdown of natty production. Cheaper too, undoubtedly.


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Jul 10, 2014
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400 is especially low for someone your age.

You are either Hypogonadal or still shut down

What you can do, is try 25mgs-50mgs of Clomid ED for 60 days and go from there and re-test.

It is not suppressive, so you will not further shut down the bodies natural HPTA. You should see a few hundred points increase on your total and some positive as well on your Free Testosterone.

If you cannot get a script for Clomid, PM me.

Also in regards to the test...100mgs is pretty low tbh. Try and see if he will give you 100mgs E4d.

This is probably the best dosage I have seen put most males 18-50 years old in a therapeutic range of 750-1200 nanos total. So this is far more optimal for your age and for overall health.


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Dec 17, 2014
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You need to look at your LH and FSH readings on your bllodwork. That will tell you if your hypogonadal or not. It will tell you if your pituitary is telling you r testes to create testosterone or not. Honestly it is low but I would NOT start injecting at your age. Like Wesley said I would do clomid restart at 50mg a day. omid is used to kickstart your pituitary. You still need to know your LH & FSH levels or you are pissing in the wind.


Jul 2, 2014
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You didnt state anything but I am guessing you were put on a bunch of meds for your heart. Likely statins and beta blockers, is that a correct assumption?