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Puretropin Sale TD


Jun 6, 2015
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Get Shredded!
Had my first pack from Iron touchdown yesterday. Was actually caught off guard since it was initially due midweek. Was going to take a few photos to post up but I can't find the charger for my camera and my table takes shit pictures (yes I am one of the few people in the world who doesn't have a smartphone)

Anyways, on to my review. I always try to be as honest as possible and will continue to do so here.

Packaging: Easily a 10/10. Everything was incredibly secure. Very nondescript box and was wrapped up so well that it would be very obvious if someone fucked with it. Since it is an overseas purchase, I do have some minor concerns with people screwing with orders. I've had packs sit for 2 weeks in china before finally showing up in California. Only "issue" would be that the vials were able to move around a decent amount in the boxes they come in. Alot of the freeze dried pucks were completely broken up with powder stuck around the edge of the stopper. I really doubt it will be an issue, but since people talk about how "fragile" gh is and how you shouldn't shake it when reconstituting, etc, I figured I would mention it. Total nitpicking, I know, but I figure if its something I notice, then there is going to be someone out there who will piss and moan and cry about being "ripped off"

T/A: Phenomenal for overseas. I actually think the first pack (was broken up into multiple packs) arrived as fast as some domestics I have tried. It was even fast than the order I had from international anabolics. We will see what happens with the other packs though as they arrive.

Communication: Best communication I have had with any source, excluding communication with reps. Prompt replies to emails, answered all my questions, even offered me a "better' deal when I placed my initial order (Wound up picking up 12 kits instead of 10). Tracking numbers were provided without issue (I have talked to several international sources that said they didn't provide tracking unless late...which meant they didn't get my $$ since "late" for an international is usually months). They even followed up with me to make sure I had received the first pack after it showed 'delivered'. Pretty cool to have that sort of customer service.

Reconstitution: Flawless. Everything came out clear and didn't even need to swirl the water around to get it to dissolve properly. My current GH takes a bit of swirling to fully dissolve, but the Puretropin was completely gone before I even finished filling it.

Overall it has been a great experience with Iron Lion. I am usually pretty nervous about ordering overseas. Especially when it comes to "large" orders or bulk powders. But seeing how easily everything made it through customs, I may wind up ordering some raw powders to brew my own gear.

Bonus: I will be running a GH serum test tomorrow on the Puretropin. I will also be doing an IGF1 test since I have been on Nuptropins for over a month. I figure the IGF1 results will give me a good baseline on how effective the Puretropin is. Once I get all the kits I will wind up switching over to the Puretropin and will retest my IGF1 levels a month or 2 after that.