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Puretropin and vacations...


Nov 2, 2016
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I'm starting my Puretropin in a couple weeks (when I finish this round of MK 677). Here's my question - what do you guys do when you go on vacation? I'm going on a couple trips where I have to fly to get there - the first one I'll be gone Mon-fri for the week, and the second one (a month later), I'll be gone for 10 days. I'm wondering if I should mail it to myself, or if I should just not worry about injections and enjoy my vacation, or will that cause I huge set-back? What do you guys usually do? Obviously, I'm not going to attempt to take it on a plane through security.... not worth the risk.

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I'm doing the same thing and taking Mk with me for the days I'm gone. Hoping it will keep gh and IGF serum elevated for the time I'm gone
If you're flying, you COULD mail it to your hotel. But it sort of comes down to timing it. I wouldn't want to mail it and it show up 2 days late. I know my buddy did it for his honeymoon. Mailed a bunch of TNE and everything to his hotel.

With the decrease in igf over time, you might have negligible differences on your 5 day trip but the 10 days is pushing it. Either mail it or run the mk