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Dec 27, 2022
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Get Shredded!

I found this on another site and thought it might help someone here.

step by step guide to a proper testicular injection!​

The information you are about to read is true! i extremely urge you to use caution while performing testicular injection! some side effects may include: extreme sak expansion, full blown testes A, full blown testes B, increase in ejactulation fluids for up to 1 hour, mild groin pain, bruisning of the nut sack, enlargement of the testicules to a large degree, growth of up to 16inches in penis length, severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, burning sensations, and finally mild discomfort in the testicules themselves. by using my guidelines as listed below you will greatly reduse the risks.
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for those of you considering testicular injections i have outlined the proper procedures to go about doing so.

step one: in a case like this 18g is always the recomended size pin along with an 3cc syringe.

step two: now using your left hand grap your sak were it meets your body and squeeze tight so everthing is pushed into one place.

step three: imediatly moisten a wash rag with 90% alcohol and rub it in a clockwise motion over the entire sak region (it is very important to do this now so be sure you do)

step four: now you are ready for the injection, pull up 3cc's of gear into the syringe and slowly push the needle into the right testie and inject. (if you feel some pressure it is perfectly normal). be sure you are still firmly griping your sak as before with your left hand, the bluer it gets the better. ( and also be sure to pull back on the plunger to see if you hit a vessal of sort).

step five: now at this point you will feel pressure in your testie so next you must have your stove top preheated to 120 dgress,( if you dont have acess to a stove using a electric skillet will work also) now using both hands place sak directly on to a pan, and set over the burner now it will quicly get hot, now the reason to this is you need to disperse the gear in your nut and by heating them up is the best way, sometimes i set it to 170 dgrees just to be sure.

step six: after you have heated up your nuts for oh id say a good ten minutes anyway, remove your sak from the pan and set it on a flat surface and using a bread roller apply a good amount of presure at the end of the nut and begin to roll towards the body repeat as many times as nessary and be sure to use alote of pressure. ( the reason for this is to get any residual gear still left in the testie moving.

there you have it the correct testicle injection method! if you are injecting test propinate be sure to switch testies every other day. as i mentioned before you will feel a slight amount of discomfort but that is perfectly normal if your testies hurt the next day you did not heat them for long enough or you may need more heat( everyone is different)also i want to include if you feel as though you need to aspirate feel free by doing so, it really does not matter if you do or not! it it solely up to the indivial (again each person is different).

testicular injections are far the most effective way of using gear! it has the quickest aborbsion rate than any other part of the body, and quickest results i have personally gained 67lbs of fiberous tissue in less than 3 weeks with proper diet and exercise using this method. you can also increase the effects of gain through anus deposits of stacking the potent cottage cheese/winstrol mix! (feel free to use sour cream for it tends to lead to less sides for most) it is simply done by combining 1ml (50mg) of winstrol in 1 cup of cottage cheese or 2 cups sour cream, and rigeriously stir for 5 minutes. Then by using a chalk gun and an empty tube, pour the mix into the tube and insert it into the chalk gun, next lay down on the floor and flip your legs over your head and (at this point the anus will point directly to the ceiling, next insert chalk gun into anus (using an clear plastic tube attached to the end of the chalk gun will lead to a much deeper desposit therefore increasing the absorbtion) give a few clicks on the trigger of the gun until all is completly dispersed. at this time it is extremly important to be wearing a stop watch, start the stop watch imediatly after deposit, it will take 12 min for the mix to reach its peak so it is again strongly advised to consume 400g of dextrose imediatly after deposit (failure to do so will lead to extreme hyper tension and or even death).
for any questions regarding this information feel free to PM. i will be glad to help you out!

and i can't stress this enough, if you can not inject into your testies your not ready for gear.


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Jul 6, 2022
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People actually do this method?


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Jul 27, 2020
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What in the actual the fuck.......

"and i can't stress this enough, if you can not inject into your testies your not ready for gear."



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Nov 22, 2012
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Stupid article 🙄
ASF is turning into a bunch of stupid useless posts… find something to contribute geez…
U start first.
This is where articles like this belong.
Who hurt u babe?
Tell uncle kil


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Dec 29, 2013
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That's like PD..AKA bent carrot.
Series of injections or the knife..fuck no!!
Call me when they make a pill..


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Feb 6, 2019
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This mutha fucka touched it??
Ima fuck him up.. Just say the word.
Show em what happens when he touches ur chicken nugget.
For those watching. This is the first time a black man is gonna stand in my imaginary defense. Ruff ryders anthem Playin in the background. Kil is wearing DMX denim jacket but it's Bedazzled like u wouldn't believe. And shits about to get real.

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