Jul 12, 2017
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Get Shredded!

This is a review of an order I made for Test E 300 mg/ml and Dbol. I'm 6 weeks in on the cycle and the results have been amazing. I'm on TRT and was cruising for 2 weeks on the test knowing my doc was going to pull my numbers. When he did my test was 1218 on ~200mg/week. He was a little stunned and so was I. So, it's the real thing. On ~200 mg/week of US pharmaceutical grade test from Walgreens my numbers are usually around 1000. I did 30 mg/day of the dbol and 300mg of test E3D and whoa I felt awesome! The pumps and the change in my physique are incredible. I'm just look freakin jacked now. I was big before but (6'-2", 215 lbs) but now I'm turning heads because I look so freaky. My weight hasn't changed much, I'm up about 5 pounds but I lost massive bf and my vascularity is amazing. This cycle is taking me where I always wanted to be. They doubled my dbol order as well. I highly recommend PHARMACOMSTORE! You won't be disappointed in anyway. I'm planning the next cycle that I will be ordering from them.

Communication & Ordering process

The told me upfront that shipping was going to be delayed due to an increase in orders. Ordering was easy and the discount for using bitcoin is awesome!
Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

They didn't ship my order for a week....and then a week later I received my order in a Rocky Mountain state of the US. So, even with the shipping delay it arrived in 14 days. Exceptional given my experience with other sites! The packaging was very discrete and packaged well. I've ordered from other sites where you get the package and it's covered in stamps from Greece and elsewhere which detracts from the discretion. This was not the case with pharmacom. You wouldn't know it came from abroad.
Items ordered

PharmaTest E 300
Dianabolos 10 (received twice this for free)