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Pellet vs injection


Sep 7, 2020
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My wife is on 250mg pellets every 3 months. At the last part of the 3 months she feels lethargic and back to normal shortly after the new pellet. Sometimes she says it’s not real noticeable and other times it’s extremely noticeable. My question is are the pellets that inconsistent of just the way her body absorbs them. I’m on trt as well would it be better for her to do injections for consistency? I know it would be much cheaper. Any other advantages either way?

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When our endocrine system is working properly it produces T on an everyday basis as needed. The best method to mimic this natural production is to inject daily. That's a bit taxing but that is what diabetics go through with daily insulin injections. The pellet is designed to last 90 days, releasing roughly 2.75mg daily, but everyone is different in how they metabolize. She may be absorbing 3mg per day & then runs low or out at the end of the period.
The equation is easy to see, If she injected 25mg 1X / week this should work but the variables are: Test ester, her bodily absorption rate, & subsequent metabolism rate. If you choose to go to an injection you will have to work through a trial & error period to find the happy medium.
This is how an internist explained it to me in laymen terms. I got to my "body is happy point" after several different iterations & 12 weeks of T & E.
Wife is doing injections twice a week that I give her. Part of the morning getting ready routine using 30g 1/2" insulin needles. No lethargy so far, but nit as far in as you are.

The pellet stories are why we've stayed away so far, but just felt more stable this way and more consistent release.
When I first began looking into TRT I had a consultation with a clinic that only does pellets. The cost was exorbitant and after researching the pellets, I wasn't impressed with what I read. Just another expensive and minimally effective scam.
I agree on the money part and you have no control over how your body absorbs them. A local clinic just started doing pellets for men and it’s $750 each time. I get 12 weeks of test c from my pharmacy for about $50. I know you’ll have to do the injections sub Q because of the small amount. It would be a pain in anything but a insulin syringe.

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