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Nov 22, 2017
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Dear Members,

Please allow us to address the concerns regarding some of the recent delays as well as the "Out of Stock" status currently displayed for a big part of our product line.

Due to the CoronaVirus situation from Asia there are a lot of manufacturers affected by shipping and logistic restrictions imposed by the governments and implicitly, the retail chain follows suit into the suffering.

This is the reason why us and most of the sources have switched to the "Out of Stock" status for many of the Asian brands, being incapacitated to receive a restock from those affected regions.

Unfortunately, this is one of the worst timings possible because the same Asian region now affected by the virus, has been celebrating the New Year for the past 2 weeks, resulting like it does in every year, to an extended activity paralysis, therefore leading to huge delays and pending orders, which were awaiting clearance after 3rd of February when things were normally set to resume.

Anyway, Fear Not, as we arguably have the biggest AAS selection from all sources on the market and multiple other Warehouses outside the flagged regions.

We will prepare some Great Deals for all of you from our currently Active Warehouses and in case you will decide to have your pending orders Replaced or Refunded we will make sure to add a substantial BONUS on top.

Our Customer Service and Team of Reps is at your disposal for any inquiries or questions you might have.

Thank you all for being our valued customers,