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My go to is Ratio. Tastes good higher fat and protein


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I picked this up yesterday to give it a try. It's alright with the appeal of only 2 ingredients that make it up. I can't stand the taste of plain yogurt so I mixed a box of sugar free orange jello in its. Was fantastic. Whoever it was that gave that recommendation of sugar free jello mixed with yogurt I tip my hat to you. Great thinking. The yogurt I will buy again.
Organic Full fat yogurt only over here.. used to get the oikos pro but those things have a ton of fillers and stuff. The full fat is better for health and feels. But not better on the waistline.

Strawberries black berries(smashed) chia seeds a little milk for added liquid for the chia honey and full fat yoghurt is my meal 2.

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Love Fage or Sigis Greek Yougart 0 % fat plain flavor. Add a scoop of protein or berries for flavor

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Plain Greek Yogurt is awesome. It can be used as substitute for sour cream in recipes. Also if you take a flavor packet for water like crystal light or nerds Skittles on the go, you can flavor it to taste whatever. Honey + erythritol + real vanillas (Mexican real is best imo) great snack. Erythritol is sugar alcohol that gets filtered by kidneys before it gets turned into sugar so best to use. Swerve. Others actually convert to sugar in body like esters dropping off main compound and have up to 3:4 ratio as using sugar. Splenda for example will spike glucose levels because maltodextrin.
Chobani zero sugar vanilla greek yogurt. Tastes very good.
Plain Greek walmart brand fat free yogurt with a scoop or two of protein powder mixed in
Don’t get crazy overthinking it, it’s just yogurt lol. Look at calories if you want more carbs or fats add shit to it that tastes good. Impossible to fuck this up, when you are stressing over yogurt type and brand you are overthinking or you are perfectly dialed in and every single calorie matters otherwise buy what you can afford and put extra shit in it lol. Any granola, fruit, carb will work.

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I go with full fat Fage and then add a scoop of whatever protein flavor I feel like. My favorite is scoop of vanilla with powdered peanut butter and some honey. Like a roasted honey peanut
The live active bacteria in yogurt is great for gut health.
Get Shredded!
I ate a lot of Greek yogurt. Mostly plain. Add in some sugar free jello mix and it’s basically pudding. There are some Chobani flavored yogurts, that the whole container is only 350 calories.

Plus the gelitan for ur joints fuck yeah thats whatimatalkinbout

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Fuck low fat i get FAGE 5% milk fat and its delicious…

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I add shaved coconut, cooked oats, berries all in one container…. Every morning… then an apple sauce and dunken belvitas in that and im good to go

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Full fat yogurt, blackberries, strawberries, chia, milk and honey…. Milk is necessary because the chia seeds soak up a ton of liquid.

Second meal

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The wife makes our yogurt out of full fat milk and we bought a strainer to make Greek yogurt with. We haven’t eaten store bought yogurt for over 10 years.
That’s sounds great! I love doing things like that. But I haven’t tried anything with milk or cheese.

Maybe I’ll start a kimchi this weekend or a sourdough starter…. Haven’t done either in a while.

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That’s sounds great! I love doing things like that. But I haven’t tried anything with milk or cheese.

Maybe I’ll start a kimchi this weekend or a sourdough starter…. Haven’t done either in a while.

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We make fermented vegetables also. It’s so easy and good for you 👍🏻
Yogurt is just another healthy food you should include in your diet, obviously it's a great source of protein, easy to eat, and live cultures are good for your gut and intestinal tract. I used to eat eggs every morning for years until I got older and started working more and I'm strapped for time in the morning. So really just utilize it for the benefits it provides, protein, intestinal health, and ease of consumption. They sell the oikos protein single serving containers at Walmart now and has 20grams of protein per cup.