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Dec 12, 2022
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Get Shredded!
I'm 59 and have been lifting on and off for most of my life. I've never used gear and have recently gotten back in the gym after a couple of years of sitting on my ass. I have an appointment tomorrow for review of my current blood work and am expecting a scrip for test c for TRT. She will has told me that typical starting dose is 100mg/ week. Should I push for a higher starting dose of perhaps 120-150/week? Also, what about concurrent HCG to keep my nuts functioning? Finally, I am also considering HGH to help drop some excess body fat that I've accumulated during my recent sedentary years. The actual prescription stuff is obscenely priced. How reliable is the ugl rDNA stuff in comparison? I can easily afford $500/month but not $5000/month just for HGH.

My plan is test c and HGH along with six days/week hitting it hard in the gym and then trying my first cycle next summer when I turn 60. I want to lay down as much additional muscle mass as possible before I get to the age where that is no longer possible. My sleep and nutrition are dialed. Thoughts?


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Oct 4, 2019
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Welcome to ASF

Don’t see a point of HCG at your age unless your planning to have a kid, in which case you should probably not take gear because of your age and try for a kid first.

HGH doesn’t help drop bodyfat. But a good diet and some cardio will.

Start with what the doctor prescribes and see how your bloodwork changes.