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New guy! Ready to learn


Dec 1, 2014
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Get Shredded!
Hey there everyone, my name is Tyler. I am new to the world of steroids. I have been training for years now and I am looking to take it to the next level with steroids. I am 6'3, 208 lbs., 14 % body fat. Anyways, I have been looking into Anavar and Winstrol because I am looking to steroids for enhancing athletics such as basketball. I am looking for explosive power. I want to do a cycle this Spring. I really want to find a credible, reliable, no bull**** website that will be able to give me product that will actually work and not be some scam product. I am ready to learn from those who are willing to teach! Looking forward to interacting with this community through the process. :)

Some of my questions...

1.Anavar or Winstrol- Good for my goals in building strength without too much mass? Looking to be more competitive playing sports such as basketball.

2. What products should I buy to ensure that I do not see negative side effects from the steroids? I hear that you can develop excess tissue in the pectoral region. As well as have liver issues.

3. Where can I purchase reliable, credible, no bull**** injectable steroids?
Welcome to the forum take a look around!
Welcome to asf Bballmaniac. Read the rules and get your post count to ten so you can send and receive pms. Lots of good info in the stickies. Great place to start.
Looking forward to getting things started! Hopefully someone has some valuable information for me
Welcome bro! Lots of good info here, if you do your homework you'll be fine here!
Welcome to the community.
Welcome to Anabolicsteroidforums from Team Z!