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NapsGear AMA - Milos Sarcev : Episode 26 - Dogg Crap Training


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Jan 20, 2021
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CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

In this episode, Milos Sarcev answers the following questions:

1) Have you tried Dogg Crap training? I have made tremendous results with this training style. I think the static stretching is a big part of it. What strength routine has worked the best for you? asked by archer

2) I cannot for the life of me build up my calves. Please help! asked by Tomato Canon

3) Milos, I am a competitive eater. I first got into it because I am a hard gainer and things kind of took off. I can eat whatever I want, however much I want and I stay lean-ish. I would like to make the most of my metablism and life style by incorporating some mass builder exercises. Do you have any advice for someone in my position? Not asking for you to put a routine together for me. Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated! asked by Hangry

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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