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NapsGear AMA - Evan Centopani : Episode 49: Gear passed its expiration


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Jan 13, 2021
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CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

In this episode, Evan Centopani answers the following questions:

1. I see the sewing machine in the background of a few of your new videos. Whats your extent of use for that? I've got some ideas for t-shirt design and shorts design I'd like to try out. Do you deal with patterns, fabrics, etc? How do you source those if so, and what's your recommendation on how to learn? How do you select a style of machine, etc? – asked by LetsGoBrandon

2. Can I run Anadrol for my first ever cycle – asked by ZacheryNotman

3. Hi I have some 10ml vials of test and teen and the use by date is 12 months ago are they safe to use? They have been stored in a cupboard with consistent temp. Thanks. – asked by BarryClarke

4. I couldn't agree with you more or have stated it any more spot on brother. The excitement and anticipation was the best back in the day, I got to meet Lou Ferrigano and have my picture taken with him at the world of wheels in 84, met Lee Haney at the airport in Atlanta in the early 90s , worked security for Metallica and Corrosion of Conformity in the late 90s and was star struck meeting all of my idols every time and now it's like it's no big deal with our experiences. This generation has no idea of the talent and work those guys put in. By the way I still have my signed Lou Ferrigano picture framed and hanging in my gym. I really appreciate all your time and insight your sharing with us napsheads and I enjoy your content on YouTube also. Thanks brother for being real. – asked by MickstangGT

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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