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NapsGear AMA - Evan Centopani : Episode 48: Oral-only Cycles


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Jan 13, 2021
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In this episode, Evan Centopani answers the following questions:

1. What's up Evan I'm 22 and I'm taking sustanon 270 3 times a week at 810mg and dbol at 50mg a day but I'm ending my dbol cycle in like a week I want to add something else to just run with the test if you could help me with this or inform me please! – asked by Tineo

2. Hey Evan I have a question about oral only cycles. I ran a few test cyp cycles back in the day but took a few years off anabolics. I wanted to hop back on but I thought my fiancé would have killed me so I purchased some winny and ran it 50mg a day for 8 weeks since orals I could play off as just a store bought prohormone. I always hear some bad stuff about not incorporating testosterone but honestly I felt phenomenal. Little to no side effects only a little acne, my mood was great I felt on top of the world and not to mention the erections were spectacular! I've since then worked it out with her and have started running test E. My cousin is in the same boat I was in and he's brand new to anabolics. Would I be doing him a disfavor by suggesting an oral only like anavar or stanonozol? I read a lot about it shutting down natural T and losing gains after and mood swings and just a lot of crazy stuff which I didn't experience myself. Any clarification would help thank you! – asked by BigDev24

3. Hi Evan my question is regarding diet and more specifically dairy. My goal now is to recomp my physique. Does lactose make someone look puffy? Is dairy bad in general? I don't overdo the dairy. I usually drink like a 1/8 a day. I use 1% percent usually for my protein shakes once or twice a day. Usually have some low fat greek yogurt as well. Not too much. Just asking you if dairy products are bad if someone is trying to lose fat and add lean muscle. Appreciate your time and advice. – asked by buffjojo

4. Hi guys, i've always wondered how do IFBB pros and fitness models and such travel internationally while still cycling? because i travel for holidays twice a year for long durations but still want to be on cycle. Thanks legends. Love from Australia mate! ahah – asked by I love roids

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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