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NapsGear AMA - Evan Centopani : Episode 46: Cycling with High Bodyfat


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Jan 20, 2021
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In this episode, Evan Centopani answers the following questions:

1)Been lifting around 10 years.. push/ pull only eating around 2500 calories.. all clean,, 57 170...bout to start first cycle of diabalon 50 with test e 250. Any suggestions on best way to take that together asked by Msmithpat

2)Hey Evan! Huge fan... Love how precise and thoughtful you are in your training and in the information you put out to the public. Much appreciated. Question: I'm 36 and have been a light user of steroids for a few years. I have an endomorph body type and I'd like to tune in a cycle that's more fitting for this body type. My objective is to be big but somewhat lean. I pack on muscle quickly but pack on fat even faster! I'm 6ft and 245 lbs and about 25-30% bf - If you were to recommend a cycle to someone of my physical make up... what would it be? How much cardio should be added? I've purchased your workouts on your website (and a signed poster-gf wont let me hang it anywhere haha) so I feel like my training and diet is pretty good (when i want it to be lol). asked by Chris1023

3)I'm running a pretty simple bulk of stack that I ordered off the website and have been very
please for the most part (except my question below).40mg dbol per day weeks1-4 (came off two weeks early, gains great...back pumps unbareable).300 Deca per week500 test e per week0.5 adex every dayI'm on week 9 of 14 and noticed the last couple of weeks Deca dick is setting in. Set up for labs at week 14, historically estrogen sensitive (had gyno surgery after 4 cycles). I have caber on hand but am seeing mixed reviews on dosage. Should I do .5 per caber week? Bump my test up? I'm checking with doctor to get labs sooner. Getting good results and would like to finish the cyde. I've ran several other cycles of multiple compounds and with the exception of not being able to get my hands on PCT I haven't had any problems that were not corrected by an Al age 436'2"261 lbs 13-15% bf during bulk thanks in advance asked by Travesty1

4)have some hgh I forgot about its been over a year since I got it, its freeze dried .can i still
use it or does it have anexpiration date asked by dollabill87114

5)I have seen and read that cycle gains tend to drop off after 7-10 weeks and I was wondering if you could explain as to why this happens and if you were to run a cycle a little longer maybe 12 14 weeks how could you still see optimal gains throughout the whole cycle? I've heard it's because myostatin will start to be produced at a higher rate because your body wants to control the imbalance of extreme muscle gains but how long after a cycle until your myostatin levels tend to drop again for optional muscle gains on the next cycle? Thank you for your time I'm very sorry for the long question I very much enjoy your videos thanks for reading-ed by Stang

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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