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NapsGear AMA - Evan Centopani : Episode 45: Bodybuilding with a Heroin Addiction


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Jan 20, 2021
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In this episode, Evan Centopani answers the following questions:

1)Hey Evan, to have a physique even 50% as good as yours is my main goal and singular focus for the last three years. This question will be long because I will have to depict my situation in its entirety to get your opinion on the matter. I feel stuck or like im spinning my wheels.. I never was in shape my entire life nor was I fit, on top of that I did hard drugs from 15-27. Mostly smoking heroin hibitually. I got clean and decided to get fit because it's always been something I envyed my entire life + I do remodeling and was sick of my body not even letting my work without crazy pain+ my dad went from having a giant gut, unhealthy as hell with health problems up the ass to ripped weighing 215lbs at 60 years old. Cut to a few months into training and being clean I got a blood test. From what I remember high shbg, 420ng/DL total test. They wouldn't give me trt because I was above 350ng/DL. I felt like shit all the time so maybe a year ago I found this site and did a shit load of research and started trt on my own. Well more like semi trt and cycles ( after all I was a addict and those quality's still show threw in regards to anything I like unfortunately). My original protocol was just 200mg test cypionate a week. Very quickly I found out that I am very susceptible to most of the sides related to AAS. I can get the beginnings of gyno on even 200mg a week of test as well as a good amount of acne. A few months ago I decided to step this up changed to stacking while still trying to be relatively safe in my compound choices. Here is my current cycle that I am just wrapping up after 12 weeks 200 test cypionate per week+200-300 nandrolone decanoate+40 mg oxandrolone daily and I had sprinkled in hgh at 3-4 iu daily for a month of the cycle. First off at this point let me say I am more than confident in my ability to follow a strict diet long term (I follow your macro calculations for gaining muscle, I train correctly and precisely with unceasing determination. I do everything possible to optimize recovery via sleep diet and training and supplementation. Day one of getting sober 1 was 158lbs and I am 6'1". I automatically gained 10 lbs in a month which was just my body retaining fat after getting off drugs putting me at 168. Since then it's been really really slow going.. Currently 3 years later I'm 190 and am sitting somewhere around 13-15% body fat right after this cycle. Just before this cycle I did a cut and was able to stick to a strict diet of essentially only cooking eggs oatmeal steak veggies and rice exclusively which got me down to amost 10%. I could have kept going but I honestly just felt small, it sucked being skinny enough for abs but still not having them because I was lacking muscular development. After this current cycle I found that I gained more muscle but it still seems pathetic in total. Maybe I gained 3lbs of muscle during cycle. I always wonder if hard drugs jacked me up and I will just never gain correctly but Im not going to let that stop me because i have never felt so at home as when im training and I want a physique that reflects that. With all this bs taken into consideration what should my next cycle be? I have done so so much research and I know the effects and draw backs of every anabolic available. At this point I am considering taking something more inherently toxic.. Im not in love with the idea but what most people consider the true strength drugs will also be more heavily side effect ridden. So If you were in my shoes planning your next cycle after the last cycle yielded such poor results what would be your compound choice? Also I know this huge diatribe still doesn't give you enough information but what else could I be doing wrong to make such poor gains? I work out so hard I can't hardly walk afterwards or even have the mental energy to work or do anything other than cook at least 6 times every day. I guarantee I'm on point with diet, exercise, recovery, hormones. So wtf is up with my progress. I have considered Trenbolone, and Dianabol along with a meariade of harsher compounds but don't know what to go with. never asked a single question to anyone I follow online so it will be surreal to hear a professional who I respect responding directly to me. Thank you so much for your time and consideration on this matter and I hope to see you answer this question asked by Waltf30

2)Hello sirSo I would like to start my first cycle and was wondering recommend brands fro tren and estro blockers along with any other information you can provide me would be extremely greatful for a beginner im trying to bulk up im currently 190 during to get to 200 or even 215 - asked by Turbokay

3)Hey Evan big fan long time follower, and definitely one of the most respected Ifbb pros that I follow due to honesty but literally one of the most humble and smartest guy I ever listened to. So right to the point there's been alot of health issues and deaths in the industry lately and you guys are always talking about to much gear and dosages. So I am running a cycle and my opinion is not that high. 800 cyp a wk with 400 npp mwf for 8 wks then 750 prop a wk with 300 tren ace mwf, masteron p 300 mwf and winny 50mg every day for 6 wks. Cycle length 16 wks with tamoxifen on hand. This would be my 3rd cycle cruise in between. Long question but could be helpful to other listeners. Love and respect you dude please keep educated. We're blessed. asked by Ryan2238

4)Can Synthrol be used safely? asked by Zephyrkills

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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