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NapsGear AMA - Evan Centopani : Episode 42 - Am I the water champ? SHOTS FIRED!


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Jan 20, 2021
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CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

In this episode, Evan Centopani answers the following questions:

1)My employer does the 12 panel drug test and they test for steroids. Will HGH show up ony this? - asked by Colonel

2)How long is a typical cycle running 500 MG of long ester test per week, also post cycle how much HCG should a person nun and for how long? Also when's a good time to start the HCG after a cycle, I'm sure this is a simple question as it can be researched easily but it's nice to hear from a professional, Asking as a newbie thank you if you take your time to respond no expectation asked by DarenWilson

3)I've noticed you are always drinking water, or recently, watered down orange juice during your videos. I've never noticed Chris or Milos doing this, I have two questions:1. Are Chris and Milos slackers for not hydrating enough?And 2. How much water do you drink per day, and more importantly what are your views on hydration (kidneys, liver, cells, muscles, etc, etc) for the weekend warrior? Should I be carrying a gallon jug of water with me everywhere? I like to have social drinks. Alcohol is a diuretic. Is this a problem?0k...3. How do you know when you are sufficiently hydrated? Thirst? Urine color? Thanks! - asked by LetsGoBrandon

4)Are there videos on how to draw/set up the liquid before injection? - asked by JJanon22

5)I am extremely new to the growth hormone thing, wanna know what your thoughts are on which HH is the best to run how long he should run it for what dose are you wise should be taken per day and just basically how long and how much she should do it for. What's the best thing to run with it besides testosterone. And do you think it's worth spending all that extra money? Is growth hormone really the end all be all? Because if I do what I wanna do it right. If I'm supposed to stay on it for six months to a year then that's what I'll do you tell me what your suggestion is and what are your results with it 7-ked by Donato?

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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