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NapsGear AMA - Chris Tuttle : Episode 50: Cycling As a Beginner


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Jan 13, 2021
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In this episode, Chris Tuttle answers the following questions:

1. I see that you have downsized a bit form the videos. What made you want to stop bodybuilding or get smaller? Was it related to all the health problems/ deaths in bodybuilding? Now that you have downsized do you feel insecure or did you struggle mentally after living so many years north of 250? I would assume that transition was not easy? – asked by uLtoZSmN217

2. Hello Chris I was curious if natural sugars are bad for you. I'm referring to fruits and berries, can I eat a good amount and have it not make me fat? They come from the earth but just wondering. I know artificial sugars are bad but what about natural sugars? – asked by Susta

3. Hi, i've been injecting test in my thighs for 15 years and not to many breaks from it. lately when I inject, within 2 t0 3 days which ever thigh I inject in gets so sore almost like an infection and can barely walk and it last for a week and a half. Could it be the gear or could it be from scar tissue from all the yeas? – asked by steve630

4. Been lifting around 10 years.. push/ pull only eating around 2500 calories.. all clean,, 5'7 170...bout to start first cycle of diabalon 50 with test e 250. Any suggestions on best way to take that together – asked by Msmithpat

5. What do you think is the best option for a beginner who wants to start cycling? I never want to compete but just put on some muscle recreationally and experiment a bit. I have read so much and it is very confusing on what I should start with first. I for sure do not want to make a mistake and run something that will mess me up. – asked by nvBgUUaA415

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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