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NapsGear AMA - Chris Tuttle : Episode 49: Genetically Stubborn Legs


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Jan 20, 2021
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In this episode, Chris Tuttle answers the following questions:

1)What is your protocol when visiting food festivals? Is it a planned cheat day? I can't imagine you
eat responsibly at a food festival. - asked by anony

2)Hi guys, im currently on 250mg a week of test e, 450mg EQ and 60mg ED anavar. Im 5'10 80ish kg 9-10% bf. My shbg is in the single digit and is considered low. What can I do to increase my shbg? I've been told from a coach 10mg of nolvadex ED to increase my shbg. What are your thoughts? thank you so much - asked by Iloveroids

3)Im am receiving TRT at 1.75 ml once a week its starting to be a pain making the with all the
traveling my question is how many 10 ml vials would I need for for 16 weeks if I keeped my 1.75 once a week - asked by anonymous839

4)How do manage water retention on long flights. I am looking to compete this summer and will fly almost a full day. I appreciate your consideration - asked by JimmieHamea

5)Hey Chris just wanna say I live your videos and your extremely helpful thank you for taking time out or busy life to educate us. I have 2 questions hopefully will be answered 1) is it geneticly possible to have stubborn legs, I literally hit them mostly every 3 days and they seem not to grow they get extremely stronger but no notice in grow any tips or advice please be specific. Also as a successful pro and great coach how did you train yourself to eat like a pro and make it a purpose any tips or any things I could take to make me hungry, 57 225 great upper body legs stubborn age 31. Thanks in advance - asked by Ryan2238

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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