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NapsGear AMA - Chris Tuttle : Episode 46- Carb Cycling Diets


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Jan 20, 2021
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In this episode, Chris Tuttle answers the following questions:

1)Hey Chris wanted to know your take on winstrol to get lean and cut I'm on a 2000calone a day diet and seeing results losing a a pound a week about but slow going would like to see some more results quicker with more chisseled ending thinking of trying a cycle of Test E and Winstrol what do you think? - asked by Bdogg

2)My question is how does one speed up motility? & best way to remain in a surplus if you have a lot of muscle to gain whilst keeping tight? asked by Foriz 10:04 My employer does the 12 panel drug test and they test for steroids. Will HGH show up on any of this? asked by Colonel

3)Hey bud been running test cyp 250mg twice a week and eq 25g twice a week for 6 months And just started winstrol (oral) 40mg daily along with arimidex and I'm 43 years old. My question is should I be taking hcg now as well? If so, should I get bottle of 10000iu or 5000iu and do I need special water to mix with it ? Sorry im not good with abbrev and lingo as im pretty new to this so any suggestions in dummy terms for me is appreciated lol. Also im 6'3" 250 if you recommend a different combo or additions to my setup would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance asked by Dunc23

4)Love your empty blood analogy. Tried the palumbo keto style diet last yr and got shredded but lost a solid 12lbs of muscle, never again. Do you find a carb cycle diet good for pre contest compared to a small steady lowering of cals from carbs every cpl wks? Also have humalog on way but finishing novolin r off. I use it 60-90 min b4 workouts and do it IM w 5 slin pin. Ive read slin done im can speed absorption as much as 50% would u agree w that? Thank you - asked by tylerlauz

5)This is bothering me.. I only will believe you guys so thanks in advance. I'm prescribed Cypionate 1.m. injection which because of it's 8 day half life, my Test levels drop way down (from 500) to below what's normal (150) on the morning of next injection. Imo, this doesn't make sense because I believe this e.o.w. bs contributes a lot to my mood swings and roller coaster libido. My mood swings may kill my relationship. Why do doctors insist on every other week injections if our levels of T fluctuate so much? I think they should allow responsible and well informed patients to do the injection ourselves on the opposite weeks. Even with every week injections I suspect I'l experience fluctuating T levels and therefore mood swings but no where near as much as constantly going from 500 (48 hrs after injection) to 150 (14 days after m. buttock injection). Dose: 100mg Cypow. Age 41 205lbs 62% 13� in NE Ohio. In case helpful, all 3 of my TRT test results came back abriomally low or "out of range after 1 yr of receiving treatment.

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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