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NapsGear AMA - Chris Tuttle : Episode 45 - Newbie questions are the best questions


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Jan 20, 2021
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In this episode, Chris Tuttle answers the following questions:

1)So I am gearing up to run a decent bulking cycle. 30mg dbol daily, 250 deca per week and 750 test e per week. Do you think I need to up any of these dosages for maximum gain? I am also eating 6x per day with a daily calorie intake of arou d 5,500. Traing 5x weekly and cardio 3x weekly at 20min each. - asked by LiftHeavyLiftOften

2)I ordered the oral tren, how much oral tren should someone take. - asked by Sucio

3)Hey guys so I know this may sound like a stupid question but I've been taking the pharmago labs Supersus 400 along with 1 Adrol a day. I pin 5 Of the Supersus 400 eod with animidex as well on those days. Results have been incredible already gained about 12 pounds in about 10 days but have also got crazy lean... So my main question is my wife is honestly getting jealous because she wants to lose about 30lbs and nothing is working for her. I had got her some clen and anavar but she wasn't seeing much difference she actually I think gained bit of weight on it but I know it's just because muscle weighs more than fat. She's want to take some of this test because she has heard from her friends that girls can take it to lose weight but in very low doses. What would you guys suggest her best option would be to lose 30lbs by June(Beach weather)lol. I was thinking maybe .1 ml 2 times a week. That would be 75ml of blended test a week. Is that to much. As always any feedback is great I have always shopped naps and will continue because

4)their customer service is hands down the best. - asked by Supersizeme It's been a few years, I want to do another cycle of test with tren, but can't remember the usages I did. I remember to test for the first two weeks before I started tren. I was also did 3 shots a week. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Big blue asked by Big blue

5)Guys I know these are newbie questions but science is always developing. I used to lift and I did pretty damn well in taking on the muscles with the vcuts.... at 25 years old. I want that back but I'm 37 now, I know I can get it back. Working with dpharma/geneza cut mix test/tren/mast. Any advice? I haven't had a serious workout since covid had me couch ridden watching Netflox for 2 years. Help 5'7, 208, pretty solid can still see my upper 4 abs but they're under about 1/2 inch of fat Is there a way to bulk and shred Light weight more reps, heavy weight less repsWhat's considered high vs a low reps?Can I throw 15 minutes post workout 4-5x a week?The knee slapper.... the week move cleanses... are they really that good and have a full amount of detox before you start? Any answers will help and remember I'm just looking for help and not chastised asked by Hhhimacy

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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