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NapsGear AMA - Chris Tuttle : Episode 43: Planning Your Cycle Carefully


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Jan 20, 2021
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In this episode, Chris Tuttle answers the following questions:

1)Pretty much new to use of steroids was looking for a stack for a beginner for bulking but also burning fat at the same time thank you - asked by B93

2)First time doing 3 shows in a yr. Each 2 wks apart. Could a carb cycling diet be beneficial compared to a standard diet that cuts cals every few wks or a palumbo keto style prep diet. Fear is by the last show my cals will be so low i may die or worse loose muscle. Starting prep 12 wks out b4 1st show. Whats your stratagy on adding t3 & clen during prep? - asked by tylerleuz

3)Having a hard time finding out how far one can go in Bodybuilding level with Masters Division and if they have a Masters class in Mens Physics? Thanks asked by Newbe

4)Would tren 200 decrease the water weight you get from sustanon 270 if taking the same amount of both? - asked by Stride

5)i bought haloestin and stacking it with oxanadrolon 33mg, stanzolol 33mg, methyltren 1mg, andchlorodeyhdomethlyintestosterome 33mg. I am male 25 230lbs 6ft and this is my first time doing it. how should i be taking them and how often should i workout? what ties do I take each. and should i get a liver supplment. Thank you please help me. and once im done with this cycle do I need pct? if so whic one asked by abb

6)I'm currently on a cycle of test c 250mg weekly and 30mg of winstrol daily and recently have been experiencing puffy nips. I've already ordered the Arimidex but not sure on what dosage I should be taking. Thanks asked by Puffy nips

CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

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