My TRT story


Jul 10, 2022
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My TrT story.

Looking chubby, erections were 60% at best, low energy, depression, etc. You name it I had the symptoms of being hypogonadal.

A friend referred me to a TRT clinic, the one you need to go to the office every week for the shot.

Took bloods, waited, and said they needed to retest because my total testosterone was so low.

Did another round of bloods.

the average of the two tests came back 115 ng/dl of testosterone.

Super low.

They started me on 100mg of Test C per week.

Man, that first night was like my entire body was waking up for the first time.

Soon my morning wood came back, my beard filled in, I had less anxiety, more confidence, etc.

Started lifting, and cardio, and worked on cleaning up the diet. Oh, man did my life change.

One of the benefits I didn't expect was how emotionally numb I was because my T was so low my E2 was super low too.

the connectivity I started to regain with my wife by being more emotionally available completely changed/saved my marriage.

I think my weekly dose was 180 mg per week with my blood serum on my trough day being right above 700.

Eventually moved to blasting and cruising, and the rest is history.

Im the happiest I have ever been, I wish TRT was more readily available, I think it would resolve so many mental health issues.

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Oct 12, 2022
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Thanks for sharing about your TRT experience. If you do not mind me asking, how long were you on TRT before you did your first blast?


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Nov 21, 2013
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I am glad things are turning around for you brother. The most important thing about TRT is to bring your test levels back and improve your emotions, self well being, confidence, better sleep and list goes on and on. Many guys confuse bodybuilding and trt. There are many people on trt that are just not gym rats.

Just fyi if you throw in 25mg of proviorn daily will your test it will make a huge difference emotionally. Congrats brother.