Methyl Tren + Abomb OXIME available


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Jul 10, 2014
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Legal Versions of Methyl Tren and Abombs are available. Known as M1T oxime (methyl tren) and Oydiol-A (known as Anadrol Oxime)

The are molecularly different from their originals, simple because they are a "drier" version. These are not scheduled anywhere, however these are sold for "research purposes" only.

Abomb OXIME is sold in 25mg increments. 1-2 caps ED is a common research protocol.

M.Tren OXIME is sold in 1mg increments. 1-3 caps ED is a common research protocol.

Products are lab tested and all reviews have come back as 10/10. Products have a 100% guarantee on them.
These will not last for very long before they are banned. If you have extra $$ get them NOW.

Your discount code is GYM10 at checkout for 10% off. If you use the site, only Echeck is available. If you pay using secure Echeck, it takes 3-5 days for your checking info to clear and then the product ships.

If you want IMMEDIATE payment. Email the store.

Send an email to:
Give them your order. Give them your shipping address. They will email you back an invoice. You pay it. Item ships in 24-48 hours. Usually arrives 2-3 days later via Priority

Disclaimer: All products sold for Research Purposes only. Not for human consumption. No discussion of human consumption is tolerated nor intended. Products are legal in some states and some nations. Sponsor and forum are not responsible for the legality of the purchase/ Do not PM the forum or the sponsor to request legality information. We do not provide legal information or advice.