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MentzerASF's Unsponsored Alpha Sigma Labs Log


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Aug 4, 2021
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Hi all.

I'm not sure how many of you guys remember, but a few years ago there was a sponsor that was a TRT clinic. I used this clinic for over a year. I was being prescribed 200mg test-c /wk, but upon looking at bloodwork, I did better taking 150mg/wk. 150mg/wk put me near/at the top end of the reference range, kept my hematocrit in check, and kept my blood pressure from being elevated. BP wasn't bad at 200mg/wk, but it was always right around 140/100-ish.

Eventually, I got tired of paying the monthly fee and just decided to go off. Sucked for a while, but after 6 months I felt normal again. I wasn't having rock hard erections every morning like when I was on TRT, but I didn't have any trouble getting it up either.

So what changed?

I recently quit a safe career to open my own business. I kind of missed the bit of aggression and assertiveness that came with being on Test. I was never angry on it - but I was much more quick to act. I also missed the increased sex drive. Being unwilling to pay what a trt clinic would offer, I've decided to get back on the gas while I get cut up for summer. It's also EXTREMELY tempting to do my first cycle, and I'll likely do that and log it here as well.

Alpha Sigma Labs recently ran a sale, so I picked up more than enough for the foreseeable future (see picture - pins are mine). Planning 150mg/wk split into two shots (75mg each), using 30g slin pins. Once lean, I'll do my first cycle. I know conventionality is 500mg for 12-16 weeks for a first cycle, but TBH I don't see why 300mg wouldn't be sufficient as I've responded well to 150mg in the past. IMO the lowest dose to get the desirable results makes the most sense. Also, I don't plan on ever going off again. I imagine I'll be using a TRT-ish dose for the rest of my life with the occasional cycle and I'm fine with that. Being off, although not bad, definitely didn't feel as good as being on.

That's enough for now.


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Sep 4, 2019
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I see zero problem with 300 for first real cycle. That's what I did too