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Jul 14, 2013
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Get Shredded!
Hello the team !

I plan to start a little cycle for helping the recovery and try to get my olympic shape lol.

In a few words, i have always practiced a sport since my childhood (swimming, footaball, basketball, archery, running, bike....) and i started gym for the first time at 17 years old, i was born with a genetic abnormality, which can sometimes slow me down for the training and in generaly in the life (i get the treatment in the hospital every 3-6 months)

Actually i see a physiotherapis for some "strengthening" with stuff like leg press, trx, weight like crossfit dumbell ... stacked with cardio-boxe training (session in the hospital) for worked the full body and cardio.
Generally i train like this (each "-" = a day )
  • Shoulder / Biceps
  • Legs
  • Pecs / Triceps
  • Back

I'm 1,85m for 91 kgs , my body fat are at around 10%.

About diet i love all good food, i try to take the fat from only poly / mon from oileaginous food, mackerel, sardina, olive / colza oil, about carbohydrates i try to eat lot complexe, like oats, pasta, rice, lentils etc... and i try to eat lot seasonal vegetables / fruits.

I use some supplement, like fish oil, citrulline / arginine, milk protein (80%casein 20%whey), whey, vitamine C (ascorbate sodium or magnesium), zinc and when i check my plasma level of vitamine D i use drop D3 if i need.

About the cycle, the last year i use therapy dose, with 0,5ml Testosterone Enanthate / 7-10 days and i add a little extra with Masteron Di-Propionate 50mg for the well-being, i give a full blood work every 6 months (depend i reduce to 3months if i need)

I think plan a cycle like in the past (i copy & past the old cycle here) but with Proviron and only Nandrolone Decanoate + Nandrolone Phenylpropionate with Sustanon and not Enanthate or Cypionate.

-Nandrolone Decanoate 200mg
-SuperDeca 250
50 mg nandrolone propionatee
50 mg nandrolone phenylpropionate
75 mg nandrolone laurate
75 mg nandrolone decanoate

-Sustanon 300
Testosterone isocaproate 75mg
Testosterone decanoate 100mg
Testosterone propionate 50 mg
Testosterone phenylpropionate 75mg

-Anadrol 50
-IGF-1 LR3

Have a blessed Thursday (^_^)
Lundgren -


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Apr 4, 2015
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Thanks a lot
I plan some blood work before starting the cycle and surely donate some blood.

Have good evening my friend

Subbed in for the Duration Lundgren !
Hope all goes well and I wish you good luck and heavy controlled lifts (no injuries)