Iron Lion HCG review


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Jul 10, 2014
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So I finally ended up getting a kit of HCG from IL. This means a 10 pack (5kiu each). Now I have a legal script here in the US, have for decades, but the pharmacy price is like $400 for 5-10K iu.

You can get a whole kit shipped from IL for much cheaper then that.

Communication was good as usual. T/A was acceptable as normal. And the quality was very good.
My script is for 500iu 2x a week. I frontloaded 1,000 iu and then immediately on my next shot started the 5ooiu protocol.
Within 2 weeks I was much fuller, ejaculatory volume and libido improved.
All the signs of legit and quality HCG. And that has continued throughout the full use of my first bottle.

Thanks IL once again for a good product at a fair price.