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Injectible Anadrol vs Oral Anadrol


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Jul 20, 2015
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Nearly every man on the planet aspires to have a jacked, muscular body these days. It’s understandable why men feel the need to build big muscles, in an era which is so obsessed with physical looks.

Some guys take steroids (and anadrol) because they want to attract the opposite sex with their body. Others are bodybuilders wanting to win competitions and some guys just want to be more alpha among their peers.

No matter what your reason is for taking anadrol, one thing this steroid guarantees is huge muscle growth. Bodybuilding has never been bigger than it is right now and anadrol remains as one of the most sought after compounds in the sport. Anadrol is used by many bodybuilders, in a bid to pack on more size and muscle mass as possible. It’s up there with the very best bulking steroids in the world.

According to research, anadrol doesn’t offer much when it comes to weight loss or toning, but in terms of pure bulk – it’s second to none. Bodybuilders often take anadrol during the winter/off season, when massthetics are more important than aesthetics. Guys will usually come off anadrol when it gets to summer or near a competition, as it causes you to retain water. Thus, the idea is to pack on a tonne of mass in the off season, then to try and keep hold of this extra size when the user wants to look their best. Other cutting steroids can be introduced then like anavar or trenbolone.

Over the decades, anadrol has produced many great reviews and results. However, anadrol isn’t the most popular steroid around because it does cause various negative side effects. These consist of a spike in blood pressure, hair loss, liver strain and gyno (man boobs). This isn’t to say that anadrol WILL give you bad side effects (as every person is different), however when you take a toxic compound like this the chances of experiencing bad sides increase dramatically.

Injection vs Oral

Bodybuilders administer anadrol via 2 methods: injections or tablets (oral).

However, which method is better?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this, but more of a preference. Here’s the pros and cons to each method so you can get a grasp of which you’re likely to prefer.


The absorption rate is the biggest difference between oral or injectable anadrol. Many serious bodybuilders opt for injectable anadrol, because it bypasses the liver, causing more of the steroid to be absorbed and utilized for gains. This way, more anadrol will be entering your bloodstream and it’ll be like you’re taking a higher dose than orals. As a result your strength and size gains will be superior compared to taking tablets.

However, the downside to injectable anadrol being absorbed better, is it causes more severe side effects.

Liver Damage

As with most supplements or steroids, excessive consumption of tablets will affect the liver. Supplements contain a concentrated amount of toxins that raise liver values. However, injectable anadrol bypasses the liver, avoiding any potential liver damage.

However, it’s worth pointing out that any raised liver values you might experience from taking oral anadrol should correct themselves post-cycle when you stop taking the tablets.

Also using liver supplements during or after a cycle will help keep your liver in good shape. You should also visit the doctor regularly for a liver check up when using harsh steroids like anadrol. Milk thistle is a popular supplement to take, to reduce the strain on the liver from oral anadrol.

Ease of Use

Although some gym rats know that injectables are better for gains, they’re happy to sacrifice some gains due to a fear of needles, or because they don’t know how to properly inject themselves. Not to mention that popping pills is a lot easier and safer method for beginners. Although your gains will be less on orals, you’ll still experience significant muscle gains.

Side Effects

Regardless of which method you choose to take, there are some potential side effects however you take anadrol. But, as mentioned previously these side effects will be more prominent in those who use injectable anadrol.

Here are the common side effects when taking anadrol (in men):

Increased body hair
Increased hair loss
Higher LDL cholesterol levels
Lower testosterone post-cycle
In women the side effects are as follows:

Breast size reduction
Deepening of vocal cords
A larger clitoris
Increase in body hair
Changes in menstrual cycles
Other common side effects for both genders include:

Increased water retention (or bloating)
Irregular blood pressure
Liver toxicity
It’s worth pointing out that one of the side effects – water retention – could actually be to your advantage. Water retention can be beneficial to bodybuilders who have joint problems, as the water cushions your bones against the high stress of lifting weights. Intracellular water retention will also make your muscles bigger as they will hold more glycogen, giving them a pumped look.


The debate over the best method of anadrol is subjective. For a person who’s liver isn’t in a good way – oral anadrol would be a bad idea. Equally, a beginner who hasn’t used anadrol before would be best suited to trying the tablets first. Also everyone responds differently to steroids, so one person might not experience many side effects when injecting anadrol, whereas another person might have a bad reaction.

Generally speaking, if a bodybuilder’s happy to compromise his health temporarily in order to make more gains, he’ll go for injectable anadrol (I don’t recommend that you compromise your health).

But if a bodybuilder is more health conscious and wants the convenience of only having to pop a few pills – he’ll go for oral anadrol (assuming his liver’s in good condition and he’s not an alcoholic).

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